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County cops

A not-so-honorary conductor

A Union Pacific Railroad conductor called deputies Nov. 13 because he suspected a man illegally caught a lift on the train.

Deputies met the train in Bond. The conductor told them that spotters saw a man in the last engine. The train was pulled forward until the last engine was at the deputies’ position.

An officer boarded the engine and found a 25-year-old man sitting in a conductor’s chair. The man said he got on the train in Grand Junction and was going to Denver.

Noting that a ticket to Denver ranges from $50 and $175, the deputy asked the man if he had any money. The man had $5 and some food stamps. He was cited for trespassing, which carries a fine of $50 to $300, and taken to a store in Avon so he could buy some food with his stamps.

Illegal doughnuts

Beaver Creek Public Safety officers caught a 22-year-old man spinning circles on a snow-covered golf course with his Audi and called deputies Nov. 16. A 20-year-old woman was also in the car.

The man said he was driving to their hotel when he saw a snowy field and thought it would be fun to do some “doughnuts” in the snow with his car. He said he didn’t know it was a golf course. The woman also said they did not know it was a golf course and drove onto it just for fun.

Deputies noted the course was posted with “No Sleigh Riding” signs and that there was about $500 in damage to the grass. The 22-year-old was cited for careless driving, failing to present evidence of insurance, criminal mischief and trespassing.


A 23-year-old Gypsum resident on Whistler Court called deputies Nov. 18, saying his 56-year-old neighbor threatened to shoot him.

The 23-year-old said the 56-year-old has had conflicts with the whole neighborhood because of his yelling and threats. That day, the 23-year-old heard his dogs barking and saw the older man driving by, looking at his house. The 23-year-old went outside to make sure everything was OK and his neighbor told him not to walk out in the road or he would beat him up. The men exchanged some name-calling that ended with the 56-year-old saying he was going to get a gun and shoot the younger man.

The 23-year-old said he thought the man might really do it and he called police.

The 56-year-old admitted to deputies that he does have a temper and says some things he doesn’t mean. He apologized and was cited for menacing. Deputies noted his breath smelled of alcohol when they interviewed him and that he did have guns in his house.

Vehicle break-ins

Numerous unlocked cars were rummaged by thieves in Edwards, Avon and Eagle-Vail between Nov. 7 and Nov. 9. Deputies found several wallets that had been taken and discarded after the cash was removed. Coin drawers, iPods and accessories were also stolen.

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