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County Cops

Missing phone

A deputy received a phone call from a 24-year-old man reporting a stolen cell phone from a coffee shop in Beaver Creek.

The man told deputies that he set his phone on a table and left the restaurant without it. Once he realized it was missing, he returned to the location and couldn’t find it. It had not been turned in to workers at the establishment. Although he contacted his service provider to track the device, the company couldn’t find a record of it.

Bad student

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A 54-year-old man was pulled over in unincorporated Eagle County when a deputy noticed his vehicle weaving and partially driving in the oncoming lane.

When the deputy asked for the man’s driver’s license, registration and insurance, he noticed that the driver had bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech. The deputy also detected the smell of alcohol and marijuana.

When the deputy ran the license, he found that the license status was at the instruction permit level. After a roadside test, the driver was placed under arrest.

Missed exit

During a recent routine traffic stop, an Eagle County deputy noticed a large marijuana-smoking pipe on the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The 24-year-old driver told the deputy he was on his way to Steamboat Springs, yet he missed the turn-off for Highway 131, which is the shortest route to the town. The deputy noticed an open beer can behind the driver’s feet on the floor mat. He also noticed that there was a partially burnt green leafy substance in the ‘bowl’ area of the pipe left on the passenger seat.

After the driver failed a breath sample test, he was detained and sited for a DUI.

Parked and running

Lighted headlights from a running, parked SUV in a bank parking lot in Eagle drew the attention of an Eagle County deputy.

The deputy checked out the vehicle and found a man asleep in the driver’s seat. The deputy loudly knocked and yelled “Sheriff’s Office” repeatedly to the unresponsive man.

After several attempts and help from the Eagle Police Department, the man woke up in an agitated state. The 29-year-old driver was taken into custody on suspicion of a DUI.

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