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County Cops

Bong in plain view

While on foot patrol in Bachelor Gulch in late December, an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy noticed a large bong sitting on a coffee table in plain view from the sidewalk.

The deputy went inside the building and knocked on the door of the apartment to investigate. When questioned, the 23-year-old man who opened the door insisted that the bong was his roommate’s, who was sleeping. The man was asked to wake up his roommate and upon questioning, the 25-year-old roommate admitted that the bong was his and handed it over to the deputy.

He was ticketed and released for possession of less than 2 ounce of marijuana and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Screams lead to arrests

Three deputies were dispatched to Edwards when screams were reported at a trailer park there.

In addition to screams, the caller had heard sounds similar to gunshots on the mountain above the trailer park. A worker in the area had witnessed two males walking on the street and continuing uphill. Two of the deputies tracked the males to investigate. The deputies ultimately found a 46-year-old and a 28-year-old.

They were immediately uncooperative and belligerent, even after attempts to subdue them with a Taser. The older man cussed and yelled at the deputies. Once both men were handcuffed, one deputy investigated the scene, where he found ammunition and weapons.

A criminal history check showed both parties had previous felony convictions, and both men were booked and held on various charges.

Suspicious in Gypsum

While on patrol in Gypsum, a deputy noticed suspicious behavior in a parked vehicle.

The deputy approached the vehicle and asked the 54-year-old man for his license. The man stated that he didn’t have a license and he gave the deputy his name and birthdate. He also couldn’t produce registration and his insurance had expired. The man had bloodshot and watery eyes and four empty beer cans in the back of his car. There were also two open cans on the passenger floorboard.

Because of a language barrier, the deputy could not administer roadside sobriety tests, and the man was placed into custody for the investigation of DUI. Once he arrived at the county jail, the man refused to cooperate and was booked for various charges.

Feeling foolish

A 34-year-old Avon man admitted to damaging areas surrounding his apartment after a night of partying.

The man had gone to several local bars, and he said he couldn’t remember anything that happened after he entered a taxi to go home after the long night of drinking. He didn’t remember arriving home or entering his unit. He believed that he had left his keys somewhere and was unable to get into his unit and tried to kick in the door.

The man admitted his behavior and told officers that he felt foolish for the incident. He was issued a summons but was not placed under arrest.

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