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No luck tracking phone

A woman realized her cell phone was missing after walking her dog in Edwards.

She called her cell phone twice, and the first time it was off but the second time it rang. She tracked her phone through the tracking application and it was not in the area where she was walking her dog. The deputy and woman searched the location that the phone was tracked to and found nothing. The case is closed.

Picky thief

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A 42-year-old woman reported that some items in her vehicle had been stolen after she attended a party at the Homestead Meadows Townhomes in Edwards.

The vehicle had been left unlocked and when the woman got into her vehicle, she noticed that some tools, a car phone charger and an Apple Ipod charger were missing. Several items of higher value, in plain sight, were not missing, including a snowboard, ten ski lift passes, a laptop computer and sunglasses.

Unlocked business

A burglary in an Edwards business office was reported by its owners.

When they went to the office to get some items, the owners noticed they were missing a computer worth $2,000 and other items, including an Epic ski pass worth over $1,500.

There were no signs of forced entry and the wife stated that it was possible that the office was left unlocked.

Generous Granny

A grandmother called to report that items she had sent to her grandson in Avon had been stolen.

She believed that her grandson’s roommate had stolen the items. When the deputy asked if her grandson had spoken to his roommate, she replied that her grandson had experienced tough times since moving to Colorado. She said his backpack, his wallet and all identification had been stolen so he was unable to cash his work checks without ID. The grandmother said she has been sending him checks to ‘get along.”

After speaking with the man’s roommates and the business manager of the residence complex, the deputy learned that there were numerous reports of the man stealing various items. He was also fired from his job. At the time, no one knew where the man was staying.

The deputy learned from the man’s mom that he was most likely trying to get his grandmother to send him more money, and that she would get to the bottom of it.

Weed and wheels don’t mix

A deputy pulled over a vehicle in the Dotsero area when it failed to merge.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed five people inside along with the 25-year-old male driver. The deputy noticed a strong marijuana odor coming from the vehicle. When asked if he had any marijuana on him or inside the vehicle, the driver stated that he had two grams of marijuana inside the vehicle and it was passed back to one of the passengers when they got pulled over.

It was determined that the driver had smoked the substance in the last five minutes and he was taken in for the DUI.

Disturbing a hotel and a cop car

A disturbance involving a 42-year-old man was reported at the Ritz Carlton in Bachelor Gulch. When deputies arrived to help security officers and employees at the hotel, they noticed the man appeared to be having a hard time standing up and was leaning against a rock wall.

When asked for his ID, the man continually repeated ‘why?’ and refused to provide ID. He did provide his ski pass and said he was staying at the Ritz.

Employees established that the man was actually staying at another local hotel and that they were trying to get in touch with a family member. The man kept insisting that he was there with his wife and kids but was unable to provide his wife’s cell phone number.

Due to the man’s high level of intoxication and deputies’ inability to contact a family member, he was transported to the Eagle County jail. About halfway into the ride, the man laid down in the back seat and began kicking the door violently yelling ‘let me out’. The deputy noticed bruises over the man’s eyes from kicking around in the back seat and dispatched an ambulance.

The man was transported to the hospital due to his condition and it was determined that the deputy’s vehicle had over $1,000 in damage. The man was cited for criminal mischief.

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