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County Cops

Tailgating, not

A 51-year-old man was pulled over for speeding in Gypsum. As the deputy followed the man before the traffic stop, the driver slammed on his brakes.

Once he pulled over to the sidewalk, the deputy approached the vehicle. He explained the reason for the traffic stop and also asked about the sudden braking. The driver replied that the deputy was tailgating him. The deputy noticed a strong smell of alcohol and that the man was slurring his speech.

The driver was cited for DUI.

Egg-ed in Edwards

A 40-year-old Edwards woman, who was staying at the Ritz in Bachelor Gulch, had her 2012 Lexus egg’ed in Edwards.

She was visiting a family member in Edwards for a few hours only to come out and find that her car had been pelted with eggs. The woman said that she is currently in a legal battle over her husband’s estate, and that his family has been giving her a hard time. She said the family does not live in the area but that she wanted the incident documented.

Running and buglarized

A woman from Lake Creek Village told deputies that she left her car running for “no more than 5 minutes” to let it warm up but when she returned to the vehicle, some items valued at approximately $200 were missing.

She immediately noticed someone had been in her vehicle because the glove box was left open.

Nice neighborhood

In Eagle-Vail, two female roommates reported that their vehicles had been broken into, and that change had been stolen from the cigarette console.

The boyfriend of one of the women checked his truck and noticed that someone had also been in his truck, although he was unsure if anything had been stolen.

All three vehicles were left unlocked. The boyfriend told the deputy that he does not lock his doors because ‘it’s a nice neighborhood.’

Toilet trouble

Three portable toilets at the Wilmore Lake Rest Area have been vandalized.

There are a total of four units at the site and three of them had the stand-up urinals cut and damaged. The owner told the deputy that it would cost approximately $200 to fix all of the toilets, and that he believed that it could have been done by a past employee who he had fired.

Roommate ruckus

An assault occurred between two roommates in Avon.

Upon arrival, the deputy noticed large red marks around the 24-year-old man who was involved. He reported that his 34-year-old male roommate wanted him out of their residence. He also said that the roommate’s boyfriend also wanted him to leave. He said that he pays about $250 a month but is only there one night a week and that his roommate is also mad about that.

The man said his roommate attempted to choke him. The 34-year-old roommate said that he wants his roommate to move out. He said that the younger man had put a lock on his bedroom door and that the lease doesn’t permit that. He said that he choked him because that younger man had stepped on his foot. Both parties said that they had never been intimately involved.

The deputy advised the parties to leave each other alone and upon further investigation, the older gentleman was sited for Third Degree Assault.

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