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Drunk and stuck

A 46-year-old woman decided to take off with out paying the tow truck driver who got her unstuck.

After an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy was unable to locate the vehicle, another call came in from her 25-year-old male passenger, saying the woman had exited westbound 169, but was stuck again.

When the deputy arrived at the scene, the male passenger told the officer that the woman had punched him in the face. The passenger explained to the deputy that after the driver had became stuck again, he hooked up a tow chain to her car so that she wouldn’t leave. When she tried to take off the tow hook and couldn’t, she punched him. The man showed the deputy a large, unopened pocketknife that was in the car, and explained that the knife was probably in the woman’s fist when she punched him, because when punched, it actually hurt.

The deputy went to talk to the woman, who agreed to come out of the car. When she exited, a strong smell of marijuana and alcohol filled the air. She began rambling that she would pay for the previous tow service.

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When she couldn’t pass voluntary roadside maneuvers, she was taken into custody. A half-pint of Crown Royal that was almost empty and a dog were found in her car. The dog was turned over to the local animal shelter. When asked about the knife, the driver stated that she keeps it in the car to use it to open her Crown Royal.

The driver was cited for DUI, careless driving, open container and third degree assault.

Gas Skip

Someone left a Gypsum gas station without paying for more than $60 in gas.

The station attendant was busy and was experiencing trouble with the man’s credit card. He agreed to allow the man to leave $20, fill up his tank, and come to pay for any remainding gas that he pumped. The attendant authorized the pump, the man filled his tank with more than$60 of fuel and took off.

The attended provided a description of the vehicle and reported that the man headed west out of the gas station.

Skier cited

A 27-year-old skier was cited for causing a collision in the LionsHead Gondola area. The incident was reported to the Eagle County Sheriff and the 27-year-old man acused of causing the incident was with the ski patrol when deputies arrived.

The skier told deputies that he was skiing straight down the mountain at about 40 kilometers per hour when he collided with the 48-year-old man who was skiing back and forth in front of him. The man maintained he was not skiing out of control and that it was just an accident.

A 33-year-old female witness, who was skiing with the victim, told deputies that she was ahead of her friend when she heard screaming coming from up the hill right before the crash. She heard a group of people yelling, “slow down” and then saw the younger man collide into her friend. Both skiers went tumbling down the hill and the older man was transported to the hospital.

The people who had yelled at the younger man to stop reported that he almost took out the four of them as well. When deputies arrived at the hospital the victim was in a neck brace and was waiting for the doctor to review his tests. He had been skiing for over 30 years and said the man who collided with him was traveling “between 40 and 50 miles per hour.” The victim stated the accident happened in a slow zone, and that the younger man had showed no remorse.

The younger man was cited for violating the skier safety act and his pass was revoked, preventing him from skiing during rest of his vacation.

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