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Passive aggressive situation

A 31-year-old man was arrested Aug. 14 when an ongoing dispute with his roommates in Eagle-Vail came to a head.

Deputies were first contacted about the case Aug. 10 when one of the roommates asked an officer if he could move the 31-year-old’s things out of the house, lock him out, and pretend like he didn’t know anything about it. The 31-year-old was not on the lease and was living in the garage. The deputy advised the 27-year-old that his plan might be illegal and that he should initiate the legal eviction process.

The next day, the same deputy received a call from the 31-year-old complaining that he had been locked out of his room in the garage and that some of his things had been tampered with. All the roommates denied doing anything to the man’s room but the doorknob to his room was sitting on the coffee table.

In the following days, the roommates became scared of the 31-year-old’s unpredictable actions. They said he turned off the hot water heater and was switching the power on and off to various parts of the house. The 31-year-old told the officer he wasn’t intentionally harassing his roommates and that he would stop.

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On Aug. 14, the man received the first formal papers that he was being evicted and deputies were called to the house when the roommates reported that he was messing with the utilities again.

The house was dark when deputies arrived. The 31-year-old had lights on in the garage and didn’t respond to the deputies’ knocks. The officers had to forcibly enter the garage and arrested him on charges of criminal tampering and trespassing. One of the officers noted that “Not Yours” had been written on the ceiling of the garage in marker.

Averted break-in

An Edwards resident in Eagle River Village was speaking quietly with his wife at home while their baby slept when they heard a noise at their bedroom window Aug. 14.

The man got his gun and investigated the noise. He surprised a man standing outside the window who was trying to take the screen off.

The suspect wore a beige hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, and ran off when the resident saw him. The 27-year-old resident chased after him but lost sight and called deputies.

The resident said he is not well-liked at the trailer park because he used to work security there.

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