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County Cops

Smoked a bowl

A 23-year-old Edwards man was stopped for a driving violation. When the deputy approached the vehicle, a strong smell of marijuana came from the car.

The deputy called for an ARIDE (Advance Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement) certified deputy for assistance. The second deputy arrived and the man consented to roadside maneuvers. The man admitted to having “smoked a bowl” that morning. The man consented to a blood test and he was cited for driving under the influence.

No chains

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Near the town of Vail, in the chain-up area on Interstate 70, a deputy noticed a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV), with Florida plates, parked in the area. It appeared that the vehicle had been there for a while because there was a good amount of snow piled up on the vehicle and near the tires.

When the deputy couldn’t locate the driver around the vehicle, he knocked on the door. About a minute later, a 31-year-old man rolled down the window to talk with the deputy. The driver attempted to explain why he didn’t have chains but could not do so in English.

When the deputy asked what the driver planned on doing, he said he didn’t understand. The driver was cited and the deputy explained that because he did not have the required equipment, he could not proceed east, and needed to take the next exit to the rest area. The driver confirmed that he understood and would go back to the rest area.

The deputy was later informed by the Colorado State Patrol that they had made contact with the same vehicle halfway up Vail Pass, and that the vehicle had spun out and was blocking a lane.

Job regrets

A deputy was dispatched to a disturbance at a liquor store in Edwards.

The man who had called in told the deputy that he went to the store to tell the owner that he was sorry that he had not taken a job there. He said the owner got an attitude and told him he wouldn’t hire him anyway because an owner at another liquor store told him not to. The man left and brought back his phone and held it up like he was recording, and told the owner to tell him again why he didn’t hire him because he was going to sue his former boss.

He said the owner then got in his face, yelled at him and pushed him causing his arm to be smashed in the door. He said the owner went behind the counter to get something and he thought he might have a gun, so he left and called 911.

The owner’s story was a little different. He said the guy came into the store and apologized for not taking the job. The owner told him he had no idea who he was. He said the guy got mad and said he wouldn’t buy liquor there anyway, and left. He came back 20 minutes later and tried to punch the owner in the face, and that’s when he pushed him away.

After further investigation, the man was cited for disorderly conduct.

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