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An Eagle woman’s car doors and windows were locked when she noticed that her back window was shattered.

The car was on the side of the road at the woman’s residence, when the deputy showed up. As they looked at the vehicle, both noticed there was a large hole in the back window with a small amount of glass inside the vehicle and outside on the bumper. Everything in the vehicle was untouched, however the passenger seat did have some white marks. The woman said she didn’t know anyone who was upset with her who would have targeted her car for vandalism.

Fences and neighbors

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A Gypsum man complained that someone had pushed snow up against his chain link fence in the alley way behind his house.

The man’s wife saw a male riding a green four-wheeler, with a plow attachment, in the alley. The wife told the man to stop, but he continued to plow.

The deputy drove around to investigate and noticed a four-wheeler fitting the description parked in a driveway. The deputy knocked on the door and spoke to the man who was plowing, but he insisted he didn’t plow any snow up by a fence. He mentioned that neighbors have been getting stuck in that alley so he was trying to help.

The reporting party claimed the fence damage to be around $200.

Empty plate

An Edwards man reported that his front license plate was stolen from his truck while it was parked around the corner from where he lives.

The man said he had no idea who would have taken the plate or why, and stated that he sometimes parks around the corner from his residence because there is no parking.

Vehicle recovered

An owner of a west Vail company reported that a vehicle that they had towed had been stolen.

The vehicle had been towed from the Meadow Village Townhomes parking lot in Edwards. When the vehicle was impounded, the company discovered it had been reported as stolen by the Gunnison Police Department. Two notices were placed on the vehicle before it was towed, and the vehicle was left unlocked. The stereo was missing.

The deputy contacted the Gunnison Police Department and advised them of the incident, and he also investigated the area where the vehicle was parked in Edwards. Upon investigation, the deputy found information regarding the vehicle’s owner and the car was released to the original owner.

Family honor

Two deputies responded to a fight in progress in Edwards where three parties were involved.

The reporting party was threatened by one of his roommates who said, “I have a gun, I will shoot you.” When the deputies arrived, two of the men who were in the parking lot were patted down for weapons and an ambulance was called for one of them. The third party, who allegedly had a gun, was found at an apartment where he was with two other people who were not involved in the fight.

When a deputy asked the injured man how the fight had started, he said that his mother had passed away and the man was making fun of his mother. The second man, who was found in the parking lot, confronted the man and asked him to stop and “show some respect” before the physical confrontation commenced. When the gun was mentioned, the two men walked out of the apartment and called the cops.

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