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No brotherly love

Two underage Gypsum men were hanging out and drinking with two older men who they knew to be brothers, but didn’t know their last names. The four men decided to go to a local restaurant, where the two older gentlemen began arguing with one of the younger men.

The two younger men left the establishment and began to walk towards a bus stop. They said as they were walking, the brothers drove up behind them and began revving the vehicle engine before speeding by. The younger men said they were nearly hit by the vehicle and had to flee to get out of the way of the truck.

They said the the brothers then stopped the truck, got out with one brandishing a baseball bat and saying, “I’m going to kill you.” The younger men ran off to a local gas station, where they called 911.

While the deputy investigated, he found that there was an outstanding warrant for one of the younger men. At that time, the younger men were yelling at the deputy because they saw the suspects’ vehicle drive by. The deputy pursued and pulled over the vehicle. The driver identified himself and admitted that the other older man was indeed his brother. When the deputy asked if he knew the younger men, he claimed that he couldn’t understand the deputy. The older driver had a warrant from Aurora for assault charges. The man and the younger man who had a warrant were both detained.

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Not neighborly

Two deputies were called to a fight in progress in Red Cliff.

En route, the deputies were advised that the parties were separated and when they arrived a man came outside of the residence and pointed down the street to another man and said that he had attacked him.

One deputy stayed and talked to the alleged victim, while the other deputy talked to the man and his father down the street. The alleged victim, who had scratches on his face, said that he had been having problems with the duo for some time, mostly concerning parking spots. The other party said that every time he drives by the house, the first man makes obscene gestures and yells at him. He mentioned that during the Broncos-Patriots game, the issues arose. The father said he has witnessed the behavior and supported his son’s story.

All the parties said they didn’t want any more problems.

Bike Burglar

An Edwards man reported that his Trek Madone 5.2 bike was stolen.

When he pulled into his residence’s underground parking garage, he noticed four bikes in the rack, but his was gone. His chain had been snapped off and it appeared that someone had used a bolt cutter to cut the lock.

The retail value of the bike is around $4,000 and the man had no idea who would take it.

‘Board burglar

A man put his snowboard on the racks at Mid Vail for about forty-five minutes. When he returned the board was gone. The board and bindings were valued at around $800.

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