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Motorist reports erratic driving

A woman called to report that someone was driving carelessly on Interstate 70. She noted the driver was slowing down and speeding up, and weaving between lanes.

The woman and her passenger followed the car onto 28 Old County Lane, and observed that the car had been parked perpendicular to the roadway blocking a lane of travel, and that a female wearing a skirt climbed over a snow bank to go to the back side of a home.

Two deputies arrived at the scene, and the woman who had reported the incident pointed to where she had seen the woman stumble. The deputies went to the back of the house where there was a light on at a basement lock off apartment.

When the deputies knocked, a woman came stumbling out of the door in just a towel. The deputy asked her to put on some clothes and the woman went to the bedroom area. She returned fully clothed and invited the deputies inside. She was unsteady on her feet and very confused as to what was happening. In slurred speech, the woman told the deputies she was drunk. When the deputies asked if they could remove her car from the roadway, she replied that it was already parked in the driveway.

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A deputy convinced the woman to let him drive her to the medical center, and en route she went from being confused to angry, and began to verbally abuse the officer. She told the deputy that she has dedicated her life to her kids and given everything to the community and that he was ruining it. The woman was also verbally abusive to the phlebotomist who drew blood at the medical center. The woman was cited for DUI and careless driving.

Broken taillight, fake documents

A deputy actively patrolling around the Edwards area noticed a vehicle traveling with a broken taillight. He initiated a traffic stop.

The 43-year-old man behind the wheel said he didn’t have a driver’s license, but provided the registration and insurance for the vehicle. The driver gave the deputy a fake Mexico Consulate ID card. The deputy asked the driver if he had any other form of ID, and the man provided another document that was a Mexico driver’s license with the same name and birth date.

When the deputy asked the man how long he had been living in the area, he responded that he had lived here for several years. He also mentioned that he was nervous because he had never dealt with the police in the United States. Because of a language barrier, the deputy requested the assistance of another deputy who is fluent in Spanish. Through translation, the deputy told the man that his Mexico Consular ID card was fake. The man insisted that it was real. He then said that the ID was fake, but that it had his real name on it.

The man was placed under arrest for possession of a forged instrument and he consented to the deputies searching his vehicle. In the vehicle, the deputies found two money transfer receipts with a different name. When confronted, the man explained that he was deported last year and illegally entered the United States under a different name to avoid deportation. When the deputy ran the new, valid name through the system, he learned that the man had a warrant on charges of possession of a controlled substance. The man said he obtained the fake documents from a place in Denver for $80.

He was cited for criminal impersonation, criminal possession of a forged instrument and driving under revocation.

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