County Cops

Expensive shades stolen

An Eagle-Vail woman reported that two pair of expensive sunglasses stolen from her vehicle glove box.

Her vehicle was left unlocked overnight in her driveway and she noticed it the next day.

Skis swiped

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A man reported that during a day of skiing with his family on Beaver Creek Mountain, he left a pair of K2 Amp skis near a restaurant while the family went to eat. When he came out two hours later, the skis were missing.

The skis had been rented from a local ski shop.

Lift lifted

A Gypsum woman reported that her truck was missing.

After work, the woman went home to discover it missing. She said she left it unlocked with the keys in the ashtray, and valued the truck at around $2,000. The vehicle was found later by deputies in a park and ride parking lot in Gypsum, with the keys in the ignition.

No items were missing from the truck.

Repeat burglar

A burglary was reported in a unit located in the Eagle River Village.

When the resident arrived home from work, he noticed that his home had been broken into and his TV was on the floor, broken. He looked around and discovered six dollars missing from his change bowl. He was also missing a power drill.

The man mentioned he believed he had been burglarized before, in addition to this incident, and he was missing a power washer.

Reason for revving

An off-duty deputy noticed a vehicle speed by with smoke coming from the tires while he was outside his Gypsum home.

When the deputy alerted dispatch with the license number information, it came back as fictitious plates. Deputies on duty visited the owner, who had parked in front of his home.

The 19-year-old man denied driving inappropriately, and mentioned that he was in the process of trying to sell the vehicle and needed to drive it around to show it. He said the vehicle had a problem with the transmission and that problem required him to rev the engine several thousand RPM’s in order to begin to drive.

The man was cited for speeding and displaying fictitious license plates.

Got the boot

A 31-year-old man in Beaver Creek was upset because his vehicle had been booted.

When he saw the boot being put on his car, he approached the tow driver and began yelling at him. When the tow driver informed the man that it would be $100 to remove the boot, he became verbally abusive telling him to “take off the boot or he would break his legs.” He then proceeded to ‘chest bump’ the tow driver.

When the man saw a deputy approach the area, he immediately ran toward the escalators. Once deputies caught up with him, the man said he had done nothing wrong. Unfortunately for him, the altercation had all been recorded on a smartphone.

The man was cited for three counts of harassment, one count of misdemeanor menacing, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting arrest.

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