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Watered down

A deputy received a report of trespassing along Lake Creek. The reporting party said that the head gates for her irrigation system were being turned off, and that a neighbor had the same problem. She mentioned that a woman who was working on the property last spring had moved away and that she knew where the gates were, but she believed the woman would have nothing to do with the gates being turned off.

The gates are a 20-minute walk from the woman’s home, and in a very wooded area. There are now locks installed on all the gates.

Dragging along

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A deputy was dispatched near Gypsum, where someone witnessed two vehicles drag-racing on Interstate 70.

Once the deputy had both vehicles pulled over, the 25-year-old man in one of the cars told the deputy that he wasn’t racing, but that the other car was driving carelessly and cut him off.

The 20-year-old man in the other vehicle initially denied driving fast but then corrected himself, saying to the deputy, “I’m going to lie.” The deputy detected the strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked the man about it. The younger man said that he got rid of his weed and threw the blunt out of the window.

Upon further investigation, the older man was verbally warned and released at the scene. When the deputy ran the information on the younger man’s vehicle, the license plate didn’t match up with the vehicle.

The younger man explained that he was just taking the car for a test drive and used the license plate from another vehicle he owned. He said that the last time he consumed marijuana was hours ago, and denied any consumption of alcohol. The man was cited for speeding, no proof of insurance and displaying a fictitious plate.


A 28-year-old Edwards woman reported that someone had broken her car’s front windshield sometime during the night.

She said that about two months ago, her taillights had also been smashed out overnight. She said that she had no enemies, but on further questioning, she admitted that she had a problem with a girl about a year and a half ago.

There are no leads at this time.

Bikes and exes

A 37-year-old Eagle-Vail man called to report that he noticed his mountain bike, valued at around $5,000, was missing from his front porch.

He told deputies that his girlfriend from Denver was staying over, so he didn’t report the theft right away. The bike was not locked up and the man had already talked to his neighbors, who didn’t notice anything or anyone suspicious.

Upon questioning, the man claimed that he is being harassed by an ex-girlfriend, and that he is working with a lawyer to resolve on-going issues with her. When the deputy contacted the ex, she said that she didn’t have the bike, but that the man owes her $5,000 and that once she gets that payment from him, she is going to file a restraining order. She said the reason she has made calls to the man is because she is pregnant. She assured the deputy that she wouldn’t contact him anymore.

When the deputy went back to ask the man about the bike’s serial number and for photos, the man told the deputy that he was busy and would try to get them to him next week.

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