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County cops

Earlier this week a pair of bear cubs enjoyed the "swinging tree" located along Brush Creek in the Eagle Ranch neighborhood. Local residents are urged to use caution and watch out for bears as fall approaches.
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Bear sightings

Earlier this week, th Eagle Police Department received multiple calls regarding bear sightings in the Eagle Ranch neighborhood between Robins Egg Lane, Brush Creek Road and Sylvan Lake Road.

The bears have been seen around the “swinging tree” area which is a popular play area for many children.

Eagle Police request residents exercise caution regarding bears as the fall season looms. Do not approach the bears and make sure to keep a safe distance. If you encounter a black bear use caution and follow these simple rules:

If a black bear is visible, but not close, alter your route so that you move away from its area.

If a black bear approaches, do not run. Remain calm, continue facing the bear, make noise, and back away slowly.

Please safeguard trash and pet/livestock food and never intentionally feed a wild bear. It is the time of year when bears are preparing for the winter months and eating whatever they can find.

Scam Alert

The Eagle Police Department has received several inquiries regarding an elaborate scam in which suspects pose as FBI, police, sheriff, IRS or other law enforcement officials by telephone or email and request money.

Residents and guests of Eagle should be aware that law enforcement officials do not engage in any type of activity via telephone or email which instructs anyone to send money. Law enforcement will not request money be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, Green Dot or other service for payment services related to a prize. A request from a law enforcement agency to utilize money transfer services is not a normal operating procedure.

Additionally, law enforcement officials in our area do not ask for bank account information and/or social security numbers by phone or email. Furthermore, law enforcement officials will not ask for money to be wired electronically or request money to be sent to another country.

If you receive a phone call or email from someone posing as a police officer, FBI agent, IRS agent or other law enforcement official asking you to pay money, share bank account information or provide your social security number, please be aware that this is a scam. Hang up the phone or delete the email without opening any email attachments.

Additionally, any phone call or email which indicates that someone will have to pay money to prevent the police from being called to your residence due to any type of immigration status is a scam.

Please be aware of phone calls and email phishing scams where scam artists pose as representatives from legitimate companies such as banks, credit card services, gas companies and electric service providers. Scam artists claim they are working for these companies and ask for bank account information or social security numbers. Legitimate company representatives will not ask for such information over the phone or by email.

If you suspect that you have been contacted by a scam artist posing as a law enforcement official or posing as a representative please contact the Eagle Police Department at 970-328-6351 or Eagle County dispatch at 970-479-2200.

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