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Didn’t want to answer

An anonymous caller in Bachelor Gulch reported that a person living in his/her apartment complex had loud music playing. When the deputy arrived, he knocked loudly on the door where the music was coming from. No one answered but the deputy could hear movement within the residence.

The deputy was unable to make contact with the resident. Later on, the resident was contacted by the police and told to turn down his music. The 27-year-old man admitted to hearing the knocks on the door but stated that he did not open the door because he didn’t want to.

That kind of person

A vehicle in Avon was pulled over for running a red light. A 26-year-old man was driving and a 26-year-old female was in the passenger seat.

The man handed the deputy a Honduras identification card and told the deputy that he did not have a drivers license. The passenger handed over the registration for the car, her drivers license and an insurance card that was expired. The deputy asked the couple if they had been driving and they said they hadn’t been. When the deputy asked the woman why she wasn’t driving since she had a valid license, the man replied that it was because she had to go to the bathroom.

When the deputy ran both of the names, there was a warrant for the man. When the deputy arrested the man, and put him in the patrol car, the woman began to cry. The deputy returned to the woman and asked if she was okay to which she replied, “just shoot me.” He asked the woman if she was thinking about hurting herself and she said that she “was that kind of person,” but that she wouldn’t hurt herself.

not the drunk one

In Minturn, a deputy observed a Mercedes with a Texas plate crossing the yellow line repeatedly.

The deputy pulled over the vehicle and began speaking to the 35-year-old driver, who happened to be slurring his speech. The deputy asked the man if he had been drinking and he said that he hadn’t had anything to drink but that his wife (who was not present) had been drinking all night.

The man agreed to do the voluntary roadside maneuvers, saying that he actually had consumed about twelve ounces of beer, but that his wife was really the one drinking all night. The man failed the roadside maneuvers, and then refused a chemical test. He was cited for a DUI.

Still floating

In Beaver Creek, a 40-year-old man was pulled over for swerving.

The deputy began talking with the man at the rear of the vehicle, which the man was leaning on heavily for support. The man’s clothing was soiled, and when he was asked about it, he said that he had been inside his garage and had encountered some mouse feces. When he was asked where he was coming from, the man said that he was coming from his girlfriend’s house, but he left when they began to argue before it erupted in an altercation.

The man admitted that he had been drinking while floating down the river earlier that that day. When the deputy asked if he would perform some voluntary roadside maneuvers, the man immediately refused. Upon further investigation, the man was cited for a DUI.

Theft from unlocked car

A 48-year-old Edwards woman called to report that some money had been stolen out of her 50-year-old husband’s vehicle.

A money clip with $1,000, two credit cards and the man’s drivers license was taken out of the unlocked vehicle.

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