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An Edwards man called the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to say his iPhone 5s had been stolen from inside his vehicle.

He said that he had stopped at a local fast food restaurant to go in to use the restroom. He left the driver side door unlocked. As he walked in, he noticed a man walk into the bathroom. The alleged victim said the other man was staring at him until he walked out of the restroom to return to his vehicle. He drove off, and then a short time later, noticed that his iPhone and charger were missing.

The man returned to the fast food restaurant and asked the manager about the incident. The manager allegedly told the man that a law enforcement officer would have to look at the surveillance footage.

The man told the deputy that he paid around $650 for the phone. He then called his cell phone provider and told them that the phone had been stolen. The deputy attempted to speak with the manager and was told he wasn’t on duty. The next day, the deputy reviewed the surveillance footage from the time the phone went missing, and it was determined that nothing could be seen from the parking spot that the man’s vehicle was in. There was no male anywhere near the vehicle at any time.

Elderly thieves

In Edwards, a deputy was dispatched to a store to investigate a theft.

The woman working told the deputy that earlier that afternoon, three little old ladies came into the store browsing around. They were the only ones in the store at the time, but later on the store became busier. The employee said the ladies went into the dressing room to try on some clothes, and bought one item in cash.

The worker said that when the store cleared out at the end of the day, she began cleaning up. That’s when she found a tag in the bathroom for a nice chiffon blouse worth around $165. She also noticed another long sleeve shirt missing that was worth around $220. She told the deputy that she believes the three old ladies took the items.

The store does not have video surveillance, and the woman didn’t have a vehicle description. The owner of the store had already been contacted by the worker, and the case remains open.

search and not found

A deputy was dispatched to the Eagle County Airport to investigate a jewelry theft.

When the deputy arrived, he called the 80-year-old female alleged victim, who was in Louisiana. She told the deputy that she flew out of the Eagle County Airport a few days before. She was heading home through Dallas. When she arrived home, she found a notice in her luggage that her bag had been searched by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA). She told the deputy that her luggage had been locked and that they had broken off the lock and had “taped a search notice” on the bag. She also said she notice several items were missing and after speaking with numerous people at TSA, she was told to call the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy got a list of items that were missing from the alleged victim, along with an estimated value of the items. She indicated that she couldn’t give a value until she spoke with her jeweler. The deputy provided the woman with his contact information, and he is still waiting for the woman to contact him.

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