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Discriminating thief

An owner of an Edwards store called in to report that some merchandise had been stolen the previous day.

When the deputy arrived, he met with the owner and her husband. They told the deputy that a shirt worth $123 and a suede top worth $269 had been stolen. They knew this because their inventory is extremely accurate, and they quickly noticed when the items went missing.

There were no suspects or leads at that time and the case remains under investigation.


Someone in Avon called into dispatch to make a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) complaint.

The caller noticed that the 32-year-old man was having difficulty operating the credit card machine at the gas pump. The caller felt the man was extremely intoxicated and gave a vehicle description.

Upon being approached at the gas station, the driver said that he was heading home to Eagle-Vail. When a deputy asked how he had arrived at the gas station the man replied, “It’s kinda obvious.” When the deputy asked the man if he specifically drove to the gas station, he responded, “I’m not going to answer.” When asked how much he had been drinking, the man told the deputy that “It doesn’t matter because I’m not driving.” The man then attempted to walk away.

The deputy stopped the man and asked if he’d be willing to perform some roadside maneuvers but he refused. The deputy asked the man to turn around and he refused. He repeatedly told the deputy that he hadn’t been driving and was questioning the deputy as to why he was being detained. The deputy explained that he was being detained for suspicion of DUI.

Upon further investigation, the man was cited for DUI, and a handicap parking violation.

Indecent in public

In Edwards, a 32-year-old man was seen masturbating in his vehicle in front of a busy storefront.

People outside and inside of the store could see his actions in plain view. The manager of the store called police after receiving complaints from customers, saying the man had been parked there for over an hour.

The store manager noted while the man was engaged in the illicit behavior, he was staring at customers. After talking to witnesses, the deputy approached the man’s vehicle. The man explained that he was using the store’s free Wi-Fi connection to watch pornography on his phone. He admitted to masturbating in his vehicle.

He was cited for indecent exposure.

Brotherly concern

A Glenwood Springs man called in to say that his vehicle had been stolen by his brother, who was staying in Bond.

When deputies drove up to investigate, they noticed the vehicle in question on Highway 131 coming the other direction. The vehicle immediately turned on to a dirt road to avoid the deputies.

When deputies caught up to the vehicle, two men exited. When dispatch ran the brother’s info, he had a revoked license for an alcohol offense and he admitted using a set of barbecue tongs to start the vehicle.

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