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Distressed by door damage

A 46-year-old Edwards woman called the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to report that there were pry marks on the doorway of her apartment.

When a deputy responded, she first met with the woman’s son, who had placed an envelope on the rail and turned around to lock the door before leaving for work. Later that evening, he received a call from his mom, who told him that the door was open when she got home and that there were “knife” marks on the door.

The man immediately left work to get home. The deputy then spoke with the woman (with the help of a translator). The woman said that she got home around 5 p.m. and the door was partially open. From a distance, the door looked closed, but when she reached the doorway, it was open. She assumed her son was home and called out for him. When he didn’t answer, she went inside and began to look for him. When she couldn’t find him, she called him at work and asked him why he had left the door open. He told her he had locked it and said he would be right home.

As she waited for him to arrive, the woman looked around the house and nothing was missing or out of place. She explained to the deputy that she is worried that whoever came in knows her house and might come back at a later time. Both the son and mother told the deputy that they know no one who would want to break into their house.

The deputy investigated and noticed there were marks on the door consistent with a blade, and that there were also markings on the outside of the dead bolt strike plate. The management was contacted to change the locks and repair the door.

No more warnings

Near Edwards, a 19-year-old man was pulled over on Highway 6 for weaving and striking an orange construction cone.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, he noticed an overwhelming scent of freshly sprayed cologne and saw the vehicle’s dash vents were stuffed with hanging air fresheners. There were around fifteen air fresheners clogging the air vents.

When the deputy told the man that she saw him hit the traffic cone, he laughed. The man handed the deputy his license and an expired insurance card. As the man was searching for the vehicle’s registration, he pulled out the small manila envelope that commonly holds registrations. As he opened it, the deputy noticed several law enforcement warning cards that fell out. When she asked the man how many times he had been stopped, he laughed again and playfully shrugged. He told her that they were all warnings.

The man was never able to produce a current insurance card. The deputy also noticed that the front and rear seat passengers did not look up from their phones the entire time during the roadside contact. After requesting backup, the deputy asked the man to step out of the car. The man was willing to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers and the after the investigation was completed, the man was cited for the driving violation.

Wallet stolen

A 71-year-old man called into report a stolen wallet at an Eagle business.

The wallet was valued at $50 and contained around $1,000 in cash. The man had left his wallet on the table to go out for a quick photo.

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