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Ransacking roomie

A 52-year-old Gypsum man reported that he had left his residence and locked his bedroom door. When he returned, the knob on his bedroom door had been broken, and things had been moved around in his bedroom.

He told the deputy that around $80 in change was missing, along with $300 in cash that his roommate had given him for rent. He also said he was missing some checks from an old checking account that had been closed. The man told the deputy that he believed his roommate had broken into his room, and that as soon as he told his roommate that he was calling the police, he had left the house. The man told the deputy that he thought the roommate took the money because he had recently wrecked his car.

The deputy ran the license plate of the wrecked vehicle, and discovered the name of the towing company that had towed the vehicle to the residence. The deputy contacted the company and was told that they were just paid $450 that day by the owner to have the vehicle released.

The deputy then contacted the roommate’s mother at her place of employment. The mother told the deputy that she had paid to have her son’s car released and that her son was hiding in a closet on site. As the deputy walked toward the closet door, the man stepped out. The man admitted to stealing around $5 in change from the roommate, but denied taking the cash or the checks. He also said that he had looked through the man’s drawers, but didn’t take anything.

Shouldn’t have been driving

A deputy noticed a vehicle with Texas license plates with a broken headlight traveling eastbound on Interstate 70 near Edwards.

After pulling over the vehicle, the deputy approached the driver, who was unusually quiet. He handed the deputy the required documents, but instead of a drivers license, he gave him a Colorado ID card and told the deputy that he had a DUI.

Dispatch confirmed the man’s revocation with two additional violations. The man was placed under arrest, and his vehicle was towed.

A bad way

A deputy was dispatched to an Eagle-Vail restaurant, where a fight between two men was taking place.

The fight was over when the deputy arrived at the scene, and he began interviewing witnesses and participants.

The business manager said that he and two employees noticed a man dragging another man by the back of his shirt out in the parking lot. The man who had done the dragging said that the reason he did so was because the guy had grabbed onto a woman “in a bad way” while she was getting into a taxi. He told the man to stop and the incident started.

The two argued in Spanish and the man who had done the grabbing pulled out a pocket-knife and cut the other man in the stomach area. Upon further investigation, the man responsible for the stabbing was arrested. He asked the deputy if the other man was going to be arrested and when the deputy said he was not, the man claimed he had taken the knife from the other man in self defense, after the other man had punched him and broken his nose.

After medical treatment, the man was booked at the Eagle County Detentions Facility.

Gas station assault

At an Edwards gas station, a 42-year-old woman was pumping gas when a 50-year-old man, who she had never seen before, came up to her and flipped her off.

He then sprayed her with an unknown spray and kicked her in the leg, uttered profanities and announced he was homeless.

The employee witnessing the incident immediately called police. The deputy requested medical backup for the woman, who was fine, and transported the man to the Eagle County Detention Facility.

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