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Confused by the snow

A deputy was alerted that someone was trespassing on property located on Lake Creek Road.

When the deputy arrived at the location, he noticed a man near his truck. He asked the 47-year-old man where he was coming from. The man told the deputy that he was hunting with friends and dogs, and that he was packing out an elk. He told the deputy that he didn’t know he was on private property, and that he had become disoriented when the snow started. The man also told the deputy that once he was down the hill, he came into contact with a man who told him that he had called law enforcement.

The man provided the deputy with his drivers license, registration, insurance and hunting license. The deputy asked the owner of the property if he thought a warning would be appropriate, to which the property owner replied “no.” The deputy told the property owner that he needed to come down and sign off on the summons, and advised him that he may have to go to court.

The hunter was given his summons and released.

Smoke in his eyes

A deputy passed an oncoming car near Eagle on Highway 6 and noticed the vehicle was in the middle of the roadway at times.

The deputy turned his patrol car around and pursued the vehicle in question. Once he got the vehicle pulled over, he approached the 24-year-old male driver, whose eyes were bloodshot and watery.

While the driver was attempting to locate his documents, the deputy noticed a case of Corona beer in the back seat. The driver told the deputy that he had taken his drunk friends home, and that he had only consumed one beer.

The deputy cleared the documents through dispatch and approached the driver again, asking him to get out of the car. The driver exited the car and took off his jacket. He was clad in a T-shirt and it was 24 degrees outside. The man agreed to participate in roadside maneuvers.

After further investigation and tests, the man was placed in the back of the deputy’s car. The driver told the deputy that it was his birthday and he never drinks. He also told the deputy he only had two beers and then changed his answer to one and half beers. He said his friends were drunk and he was just trying to help them out. The driver said he was having a hard time seeing the road because his job causes smoke to be in his eyes and it affects his vision.

Missing ring

A deputy received a call from a 56-year-old woman who had a ring stolen from a Beaver Creek hotel.

The woman told the deputy that she had gone in a public restroom in the hotel, and that she had taken off her ring to wash her hands. She removed the 3 ct. white and chocolate diamond knot ring and placed it on the sink. She then left the area and returned 30-45 minutes later when she realized the ring was missing.

The woman told the deputy that she contacted the staff at the hotel, and the staff checked the trash and linen for the missing ring, however, it was not recovered. The ring was valued at $8,000.

Church confrontation

A deputy was dispatched to a church in Edwards after a 25-year-old man was confronted by a 39-year-old man.

The incident reportedly happened after the younger man told the older man’s wife that her husband had been with another woman. The older man denied the allegation and a fight ensued.

After further investigation, the younger man was advised to seek a restraining order.

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