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Father/Son brawl

In Edwards, Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a dispute in progress.

When the deputies arrived at the scene, they noticed two men fighting on the ground in the snow. A 44-year-old man on top was holding down one of the other fighter’s arms so that he couldn’t fight back. When that man saw the deputies, he immediately stood up. After he released the man he was holding down, the 22-year-old man began punching the ground with his fists. The younger man then stood up and raised his fists to the deputy and stood in a fighting stance. One of the deputies verbally told the man to stop walking and began questioning all them men about what had occurred.

Both of men who were fighting told the deputy that nothing had happened. When the deputy asked the younger man if they were fighting, he told the deputy, “no, we were only snowboarding.”

The deputy noticed that the older man’s eye was bruised and swollen and that both men had scratches on their faces. The younger man kept insisting that nothing happened. The other deputy spoke to the two witnesses inside the residence, where the fight started. They said that they were having a birthday party and the older man arrived to the party first, and the younger man arrived shortly after that. They told the deputies that the men were father and son. The younger man began drinking heavily and was asked to leave by the host. This caused the younger man to throw a punch at the host, which caused the host and the older man to take the younger man outside.

The witnesses said the younger man ran toward the older man and began punching him. He was asked again to leave, and he left. When the two men returned, the older man said that he needed to go check his place (which was right next door) to make sure that the younger man wasn’t trashing it. When he walked to his residence, the younger man was right outside the door and began punching him again. That’s when the fight broke out.

One of the deputies confirmed this information with the older man, who told the deputies that he would like help with his son’s alcohol addition.

Ski etiquette

A deputy was dispatched to a fight on Vail Mountain at a bar.

The fight started when a 41-year-old man purposely held up the chair lift line. A 29-year-old man began loudly stating that some people didn’t know how to use the ski lift lines, when the older man turned to face him and asked if he was referring to him. The younger man said that he was. The older man pointed a ski pole in the younger man’s face and stated that they could talk more about it at the top of the ski lift, and that they would fight each other then.

At the top of the lift, the younger man noticed the older man facing his direction, with poles secured in the ground, making his hands free. He skied up to the older man and they began to argue about ski etiquette. The older man then punched the younger man one time in the face. The younger man yelled for help, and the older man skied down the hill. The younger man followed him and continued to yell for help.

The older man reportedly told the younger man that if he continued to yell, he’d beat the crap out of him. The younger man was unable to keep up with the older man.

The ski patrol contacted the older man at the bar and deputies were called to sort it out.

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