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Who hit who

A deputy was dispatched to an address on Main Street in Minturn. When he arrived, a 43-year-old man told the deputy that a 52-year-old man had assaulted him.

The self-identified victim said he did not know how the argument had started, but that the older man had hit and scratched him. Because of the cold weather, the deputy placed the younger man in the back seat of his police vehicle and proceeded to talk to the older man. The younger man refused any kind of medical treatment. The older man told the deputy that the younger man had given him a ride to their current location, and that once they arrived, the younger man began cursing and yelling at him. The older man said that he tried to walk away, but the younger man tried to punch him. In retaliation, the older man said he punched the younger one.

Both parties were intoxicated, and the younger one had a warrant from the town of Eagle for failure to appear on a traffic infraction. Both parties were summons for disorderly conduct, and the younger man was transported to the Eagle County Jail.

Computer goes missing

A 59-year-old Florida man called to report a theft at his second home near Edwards

He said that the last time he had been in the home was in August, and that he had left his laptop computer inside an enclosed desk in the residence. When he recently returned to the valley, he found that his laptop wasn’t there.

Nothing else inside the home appeared to be out of place or missing. The property management company confirmed that cleaners, along with contractors had been in the residence.

The owner valued the computer at around $2,200.

Family feud

A disturbance occurred in Edwards, and a deputy was dispatched.

When the deputy approached a 20-year-old woman about the disturbance, she told her that her brother and her female cousin were fighting. She explained that both she and her dad had told the cousin that she needed to leave, but the cousin responded by throwing something at her face and then attacking her.

The woman told the deputy that she hurt her arm and her head hit the window in the incident. She said her father was able to pull her cousin away, but then she attacked her again. The woman said she ultimately ecaped and called the police.

The deputy then spoke to the 22-year-old brother, who said that he had allowed the cousin to stay with him the last few days but that she then started to call him names. He asked her to leave and she wouldn’t, so his dad and sister came to help him out. That is when the attack began.

The deputy then talked to the father who told her that he had gone to the residence to tell the kids to stop fighting and to specifically tell the cousin to stop calling his son names. He confirmed that the cousin began attacking his daughter and that he pulled them apart.

Another deputy then contacted the cousin, who said that she normally lives with her grandma, but that she was currently living with her male cousin. She said that he began calling her names and told her that she “couldn’t hang on to a man.” She said that her female cousin was the one who started the attack and that she had been pushed to the floor against a heater and burned. She said her uncle had held her down during the attack.

Both girls had burns and bruises and both were intoxicated. They were all summonsed.

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