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Couldn’t make up his mind

Near Edwards, a 34-year-old man was pulled over for failing to dim his high beam lights.

The man told the deputy that he didn’t have his license because he was just quickly picking up his girlfriend and taking her home. The deputy asked if he had a Colorado license, and the man replied that he had a New Mexico license. He handed over the insurance information and said that it was issued in the name of his brother.

When the deputy asked for the name of his brother, the man did not respond as he continued to search for the vehicle registration. The man had no identification on him but wrote down his name and birth date for the deputy. As he was writing down his birthdate, he stopped and said hadn’t written down the correct information. When the deputy asked how old he was, the man initially said he was 24 but then changed that figure to 34.

When the deputy ran the information through dispatch, an active warrant was discovered. The deputy compared the booking photo to the man he was speaking to and it matched.

He was transported to jail.

Fire pit burglar

A 60-year-old Connecticut woman called police to report a theft.

She had been staying in Beaver Creek, when her tote bag had been stolen as she was lounging by the fire pit. The bag contained various credit cards, reading glasses, a wallet, bathing suit and an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The bag alone was valued at around $170, and the wallet alone was around $75.

The woman canceled her credit cards, but wanted a police report for the theft.

PA man piles on DUIs in Colorado

A deputy pulled over a 32-year-old man near Avon because his vehicle was weaving in and out of the lines.

When the deputy asked the man if he had been drinking, he replied, “Yes and no. I have nothing to say.” He provided the deputy with a Pennsylvania driver’s license and a Colorado vehicle registration. The Pennsylvania license was valid but revoked on a refusal out of Colorado.

The man was transported and upon further investigation, the man had three recent DUIs in Colorado. He was put in a holding cell while the deputy completed paperwork and the man refused to answer any questions.

Glove box isn’t a safe box

A deputy responded to a theft that occurred in Eagle-Vail.

A 26-year-old man called to report that someone had entered his vehicle and stole some money. He had gone to a local store to cash his pay check and put $800 in cash in his wallet. He said that he always kept his wallet in the glove box of his vehicle.

The man mentioned that his roommate had been using his vehicle frequently, and that after using it last night, he didn’t think he locked the doors to the vehicle before coming in for the night. The man emphasized that there was no way his room mate would take the money.

When he went to drive the vehicle the morning after his roommate had borrowed the vehicle, the man noticed that some maps and a couple other items that had been in the glove box were in the back seat area. He checked his wallet and noticed the $800 was missing.

Nothing else appeared to be missing from the vehicle.

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