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Like mother like daughter

A deputy stopped a car in Gypsum for defective license plate lamps Aug. 23.

The 45-year-old woman in the passenger seat said she was the owner of the car and didn’t have a driver license because it was canceled for an unpaid ticket. She admitted she had been driving earlier and let her daughter drive because she was tired.

The 22-year-old daughter didn’t have a license, either. Her license had been revoked as a habitual offender with 11 additional active violations.

The car was towed and the 22-year-old was cited for driving without a license and without proof of insurance.

Who is tougher?

A deputy responded to a fight in progress at a Beaver Creek parking lot Aug. 26. The two male suspects were gone when he arrived and a bus driver said he just dropped off two guys at an apartment complex who looked like they had been fighting.

The officer went to the complex and encountered the two ruffians arguing in the hallway. One man was bleeding from his elbow and the other had blood on his face and shirt. Both smelled of alcohol. The deputy made them sit down and coaxed an explanation out of them.

The 29-year-old said his 22-year-old friend started the fight by saying he could kick his butt if he wanted to. He said the 22-year-old talks like that all the time when he’s drunk.

The 22-year-old said his friend started it by saying he could kick his butt.

Both men were cited for disorderly conduct.

Should have gone to the DMV earlier

Deputies stopped a car for a defective brake light in Vail Aug. 31.

The 48-year-old driver didn’t have a license. He said he had completed all the necessary steps to get his license back but had not made it to the DMV yet. He was driving because his wife was too drunk.

Officers confirmed the man was sober and eligible to renew his license. Instead of arresting him, they cited him for driving without a license and warned him for the brake light.

DUI, child abuse

Deputies stopped a car for a defective license plate lamp in Eagle Aug. 31. When they contacted the 20-year-old driver, they noted two men and a baby were also in the car.

The woman said she was driving them home from a dance because she was the most sober. She agreed to perform voluntary roadside tests and failed. She was arrested for further investigation of DUI. One of the men in the car said he was the father of the baby and submitted to a breath test as well.

The woman was cited for DUI, child abuse, underage drinking and for the defective license plate lamp.

Ten-toe discount

Employees at an Edwards sporting goods store detained a woman they suspected of shoplifting Sept. 1. They told a deputy that the woman paid for one pair of sandals and wore a second pair out of the store while the tags were still on.

The woman said it was an innocent mistake and that she forgot to take the sandals off when she walked out to check on her child. However, she had trouble explaining what happened to her old shoes. She said she threw them in the trash but the old sandals weren’t there when the deputy looked.

Security camera footage showed the woman putting her old shoes inside a sleeping bag that was on display in the store. The officer also discovered that the woman had a warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court.

The woman was arrested for the warrant and petty theft.

Drive-by victim

A woman was driving on Cemetery Road by Little Beach Park in Minturn Sept. 2 when she heard a loud noise and the rear, driver-side passenger window shattered. She was scared and continued driving to Eagle-Vail before she checked the damage and saw a rock 2 to 3 inches in diameter in the backseat that someone had presumably thrown through the window.

Grateful for DUI stop

Deputies contacted a 24-year-old man who appeared to be intoxicated at a sobriety checkpoint in Avon Aug. 30.

The man agreed to a voluntary roadside sobriety test and failed. He submitted a breath test and was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol. The man thanked the officers repeatedly for taking him off the road before he hurt himself or someone else.

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