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County Cops

Not an amicable parting

A 20-year-old Edwards man called in to report that his keys and vehicle remote had been stolen by his former roommate.

The man stated that the suspect had moved out his belongings earlier and that he noticed his items missing after the roommate left. He said that he didn’t actually see the man take his items.

The deputy contacted the suspect who told him that he didn’t take the items. The deputy asked if he could search him and he agreed. He also agreed to have his vehicle and residence searched.

All of those searches turned up nothing.

Expired or non-existent

Near Eagle, a 44-year-old man was pulled over for expired plates.

The driver had no registration, expired insurance and an expired temporary driver’s license. The expired license plates were also labeled DMO for “demonstration.”

The man said the reason he was using the DMO plate was because he was a car dealer and he picked up the car for his daughter-in-law. He stated that he was driving back to Denver to trade in the vehicle.

The vehicle was searched and the driver was summonsed.

Enough to get in trouble

A deputy noticed a suspicious vehicle in Gypsum. When the deputy approached the driver, he observed a 22-year-old man with his head slumped over.

The deputy knocked loudly on the window and announced himself. The man lifted his head, with his eyes still closed. The deputy knocked again. The man put his hands on the steering wheel, as if he was trying to drive the vehicle. When the man wouldn’t respond to the deputy, he requested backup.

The man continued to try to drive the vehicle, messing with the gears, steering wheel and ignition. The deputy finally got the door opened and asked the man for his address. The man said he didn’t know and said “this is my house.” When the deputy asked for the man’s driver’s license, he opened his wallet, and handed the deputy a dollar bill, a green key card and his ski pass. When he was asked again for his license, he opened his wallet and handed the deputy another dollar bill and his orange bank card.

When asked where he was going and where he had been, the man kept responding with his birth date. He told the deputy he just needed to get his brother home and pointed to the dollar bill. He finally told the deputy that he had a couple of drinks in Vail. When asked how many drinks he had, the man replied, “30 percent.” When asked again how many drinks he had, the man replied, “enough to get in trouble.”

The man began crying and volunteered to participate in some roadside maneuvers. He didn’t pass, and the EMS arrived at the deputy’s request. The man continued to cry. He was summonsed and taken into custody.

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