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Dirt hides damage

A 25-year-old Eagle-Vail woman called in to report damage to her car.

She said that she was washing her vehicle and noticed a scratch on the paint extending from the rear bumper on the passenger side all the way around the vehicle to the rear bumper on the driver’s side. She said that her car was really dirty and she hadn’t noticed it before.

She told the deputy that she didn’t know of anyone who would intentionally damage her car, and that a friend with past vehicle body repair experience estimated the repair cost to be around $6,400.

There were cameras around the parking lot where the woman resides but management told the deputy that those cameras are currently out of service.

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GO-PRO goes missing

A deputy talked to a 52-year-old man about a theft that occurred on Beaver Creek Mountain.

The man said that he was riding up the chair lift, when he took his helmet off to adjust his GO-PRO. As he was adjusting the GO-PRO it came loose and fell off the helmet down onto the unknown run below. The man watched where the GO-PRO had landed and then he saw an unknown skier in all black grab the GO-PRO. The man attempted to get the skier’s attention by yelling and waving his arms.

When the man got to the top of the chair lift he skied down to where the GO-PRO had landed and was not able to find it. The following day, the man checked in the Lost and Found at Beaver Creek to see if it had been turned in, which it hadn’t.

The total value of the GO-PRO is $500 and the man planned to provide the serial number to the deputy once he was home in Florida and could locate the information.

Renovation site thievery

A 48-year-old Minturn man contacted police regarding items that were missing from a home renovation site.

The man stated that he was contracted to do a home renovation and had been working on the project for the last few months. At some point during that time, a custom made copper counter top valued at $3,000, a custom copper sink valued at $2,000 and a faucet valued at $1,000 had gone missing.

The man noticed that the items were missing a few months ago but didn’t have time to call until now and the insurance needed a police report to pay the claim.

Unlocked and burglarized

In Avon, deputies responded to a theft.

After watching a ski race, a 44-year-old man returned to his vehicle to find the front driver’s side door was wide open. The vehicle had been left unlocked.

Items that were missing from the car included ski equipment valued at around $2,000. Items that were in the trunk of the vehicle were not taken.

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