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Tractor, guns, trash and assault

A deputy was dispatched to a trespass in progress in Gypsum.

Enroute, the deputy was told a 22-year-old male was driving a tractor backwards at around 35 miles per hour, and was armed with a pistol. Upon entering the area, the deputy saw a couple — one being the man described in the report and the other being a 42-year-old female. The deputy saw that the man did indeed have a firearm.

According to the report, the deputy immediately confronted the man at gunpoint and directed him to go down onto his knees with his hands behind his back. The man complied with these orders, however the woman was reportedly on her phone screaming, “They are pointing guns at my son!”

As the deputy detained the man, the woman began walking away from the location. The deputy shouted numerous verbal commands to stop walking and return to the location, yet she continued to walk away. The deputy’s backup arrived, and went to find the woman. The deputy took the loaded pistol away from the man and also secured a second magazine for the weapon. The gun was cleared as having no record.

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The deputy explained to the man that he was not being arrested, but was being detained. The man said that he understood and was willing to speak to the deputy. He said that he lives with his mom and his stepfather. He was hauling trash from their trailer to the dumpster and returned to his trailer after dumping the first load. When he arrived back at the trailer, a neighbor confronted him about how he was driving. The neighbor accused the man of driving too fast and violating the rules of the trailer park. The man told the neighbor to mind his own business because he was not the boss of the park. The man said he then loaded a second load of trash into his truck.

He admitted ‘peeling out’ and spinning his tires as he left the trailer. As this happened, another neighbor indicated she would call the cops. He replied that it was private property and there was no legal jurisdiction at this park in reference to traffic laws.

The man said that he then went to his mom and told her what had happened. After hearing this, he said his mom wanted to go and confront the neighbor, but that he stopped her, and nothing happened.

The neighbor said that the man’s mom had assaulted him by shoving him to the ground. Two witnesses confirmed that the assault had indeed happened and that she continued to assault him and swearing. The woman was issued a citation for assault.

Revoked license

Near Edwards, a deputy noticed a car was pulled into the emergency turn in the process of merging back onto the westbound lane of Interstate 70.

The deputy pulled over the 57-year-old man, who produced registration and insurance, but no license. When asked why he didn’t have a license, the man told the deputy that it was because he had prior DUIs. Upon running the drivers information through dispatch, the deputy confirmed that his license was indeed revoked.

The man was placed in custody and transported to the Eagle County Detention Center.

Booze chase

A theft of several bottles of alcohol from an Edwards hotel led police on a short chase that ended with the arrest of two twenty-something males.

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