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Weaving toward a cop car

In Eagle-Vail, a deputy noticed a vehicle heading towards him in his parked, unmarked car. The vehicle began to weave and was still heading towards him, when he activated his lights.

The vehicle took off and the deputy followed it into a covered parking area. As a 40-year-old man exited the vehicle, the deputy contacted him. When the deputy explained the reason for the traffic stop, the driver told the deputy that he had been drinking too much to drive. He apologized to the deputy and told him he shouldn’t have been driving. He told the deputy that he had never done this before and that he made a mistake.

The man volunteered to participate in some roadside maneuvers, which he failed. Upon further investigation, the man was summonsed for several infractions.

Flipped off

Eagle County deputies were dispatched to a dispute at an Eagle bar as Eagle police were busy attending to a car accident.

The deputies were told that a 30-year-old man was extremely intoxicated and walking through the bar flipping everyone off. When the deputies arrived, they noticed the man outside of the bar throwing objects.

When the deputies approached the man, he flipped them off and began running in the other direction. When the deputies caught up to him, he shoved one and punched the other one. One of the deputies got the man to the ground as he was yelling at them. When they got the man secured and found out where he lived, deputies went to that residence. After deputies knocked on the door, an unclothed woman answered and said she wanted to talk to the man. The deputies agreed to allow that, as long as she put on some clothes.

The man was still being combative so the deputies took him in and summonsed him.

Ski stuff stolen

A 28-year-old man called in to report a theft that had occurred inside a building near Beaver Creek Mountain.

The items included mainly ski apparel and were valued at around $1,200. The building was under construction when the items were stolen and several workers had access to the building.

Locked out

A 39-year-old Dotsero woman called in to report an attempted burglary.

The woman said that she left her house mid-morning and when she returned that evening she noticed something different about the front door. She said a piece of wood had been stuck in the key hole of the door. She removed the wood and put her key in, and although the key would turn, it wouldn’t unlock the door.

The woman entered the residence through a window and returned to the front door from the inside. She saw that the lock to the front door was still in the locked position. She was able to unlock the door and open it from the inside.

She explained that previously someone had broken into their home to steal some items, so she wanted to report the incident.

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