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Pricey camera theft

A 63-year-old Edwards man called in to report that a burglary had taken place at his residence.

The man said he had recently returned from a trip and had all of his camera equipment in one backpack. The man came home and went around to his back yard. He remembered the front door of his residence being closed but unlocked. When he went inside to begin unpacking, he noticed the camera backpack was missing. He said that his camera equipment bag was the only one taken, and that there were other bags located right next to the one that was stolen. He searched his home and vehicle and couldn’t locate the camera backpack.

The value of the property taken was around $3,500.

May be nuts

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A deputy responded to a call regarding an unknown situation in Edwards. When the deputy arrived, he was waved down by a 44-year-old man who called in and told the dispatcher that his 43-year-old buddy may be “nuts.”

The deputy noticed a broken rear windshield on a nearby vehicle. The deputy asked a man seated on curb what was happening. The man was agitated, and told the deputy that he had a gun in the front seat of his vehicle. He asked the deputy if he could stand up and he deputy noted the man also seemed intoxicated.

Due to officer safety reasons, the deputy detained the man and had him sit in the back of the patrol car. He then asked him again what had happened. The man told the deputy that his friend had gotten lost and couldn’t find his way back to the apartment. But the 43-yearold friend did find the 44-year-old man’s car and had broken out the window. The 43-year-old finally found his way to the apartment and walked in and found the other man asleep inside. The friend confronted 44-year-old asking him why he left him alone.

A scuffle ensued and the now-awake man called police. He told the deputy he was trying to protect himself.

The deputy learned that the agitated man had been left alone at a bar and that he was not familiar with the area because he was visiting. He said the only way he could get in the vehicle was by breaking out the window. He denied a physical altercation, and said that he actually punched the refrigerator. There was a dent in the appliance.

The man who called the incident in then said that he didn’t want to press charges.

Skis stolen

A 26-year-old woman who was staying in Beaver Creek called in to report that her rental skis had been stolen.

She had left the skis on the rack outside of a restaurant and when she came back out they were gone. She was billed $500 for the value of the equipment from the rental shop, and so she wanted to file a police report.

Wiper swipe

A 68-year-old Gypsum woman called in to report that her vehicle’s rear wiper blade was missing.

She told the deputy that she doesn’t know of anyone who would take her wiper, but that two young boys lived next door that frequently play in her yard.

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