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Hit and Run

Deputies were dispatched to a hit and run on Bachelor Gulch Trail in Beaver Creek.

Officers began canvassing the area for the vehicle involved, which had left the scene. A deputy located the vehicle in a nearby apartment complex. When deputies contacted the 27-year-old male driver, they detected a strong odor of alcohol. The vehicle had significant damage on the front-end bumper, rille and headlight area.

When asked what had happened, the driver admitted that he had hit two vehicles. He said that he had consumed one large can of beer about three hours earlier. The man was cited for numerous offenses.

Owner learns about theft

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The owner of a Gypsum company called in to report that some time between autumn of 2014 and December of 2014, someone entered his property and removed sidewalls from a company dump truck.

The man told the deputy that the sidewalls are added to the top of the truck to increase its moving volume, normally used while moving snow. He explained that there are three black pieces total, but he didn’t know the name of the company or the model or serial numbers for the sidewalls. He told the deputy that the sidewalls were stored on a corner of the property, leaned up against a fence the last time he saw them.

The area where the sidewalls were placed was not fenced, but it was located on private property. The theft was discovered by other employees in late December and was just recently relayed to the owner. He told the deputy that the cost to replace the sidewalls was around $5,200.


A 54-year-old Florida woman failed to stop at a stop sign in Edwards, which caused a deputy to initiate a stop.

The woman told the deputy that she thought she stopped, but that she was lost so she made an abrupt turn. The woman was chewing food and the deputy could detect the odor of alcohol.

When asked for identification, the woman fumbled through her purse to provide the necessary documents. She was unable to produce valid insurance information. The deputy asked if she had been drinking and the woman claimed she had consumed a single beer. She kept dropping papers and fumbling about, and although her information cleared dispatch, she seemed intoxicated.

The deputy informed the woman that he was concerned about her ability to operate a motor vehicle and asked if she would agree to participate in some roadside tests. The woman said she didn’t understand why she had to do that, and then said that she had read that when cops ask you to conduct those that they are “just out to get you.” The deputy explained that he wasn’t out to get her and she finally agreed to participate. She failed miserably.

The deputy asked if she would volunteer to the portable breath test and reminded her that it was voluntary. The woman said again that he was out to get her. The woman failed to properly blow into the devise unit several times and was taken into custody.

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