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County Cops

Cars keyed

In Eagle-Vail, a 53-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man reported their vehicles were keyed while parked in a structure.

Staff from the structure called to report the crime. Although there was a security camera in the structure, it didn’t cover the area where those vehicles were parked.

The woman’s car had about $500 worth of damage and the man’s car had around $300 in damage.

Reckless driving

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Another motorist called 911 to report a careless driver along Interstate 70 near Vail Pass.

The caller provided all identifying information about the vehicle, and the deputy was able to make the stop near Wolcott. Once pulled over, the 30-year-old woman opened the door and began to exit the vehicle. The deputy asked her to get back inside and to close the door, which she did. He told the woman that someone had called in to report her driving, and the woman immediately responded by saying that a black car was blocking her on the highway and cutting her off. She said that she had sped up in order to get away from him. She said that she was driving 80 miles per hour and was on her way to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction because her grandmother had suffered a stroke.

The woman couldn’t provide her driver’s license or valid insurance. Dispatch was able to locate her by her birthdate and name, and informed the deputy that the woman’s license was suspended indefinitely due to insurance termination. The woman was argumentative and began making multiple excuses for her actions. She made a phone call as the deputy filled out paperwork, and after hanging up, told the deputy that her grandmother was now dead.

She was summonsed and her vehicle was towed.

Missing rifle

A 74-year-old Gypsum man called into say that he had gone to the shooting range and when he returned home he was missing a rifle.

The man had searched his home and vehicle and had been unable to locate the weapon. The man provided the serial number and all identifying information on the rifle.

Lights out

In Eagle-Vail, a staff member called in to report that he had driven by the roundabout and noticed the holiday lights on three trees – that were working properly the night before – were out.

The man explained that he called the company that put up the lights, and when they investigated, the lights and power supply had been damaged. The damage was estimated to be around $500.

Wildlife fence damage

Near Wolcott, a motorist hit a portion of the split rail fence that goes up the wildlife ramp. There were no definitive track marks, but there was an amber and clear plastic piece from some kind of lens cover in the area of the damaged fence.

The damage to the fence appeared to be recent and going to cost around $600 to fix.

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