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Not such a bright idea

A deputy responded to a report of a car theft on Sunlight Court in Gypsum Sept. 7. When the officer arrived, he saw a Chevy Lumina parked over the sidewalk and 4 feet into the street.

The car had heavy front-end damage and the rear was jammed up against a wood fence, power pole and electric box. The deputy notified the electric company about the damage and then spoke to the owner of the car, who lived nearby.

The woman said the car was in an accident Sept. 2. She said the car was parked in the driveway after the accident and the keys were left on the front seat. The keys were no longer with the car and could not be found. The officer did find some items scattered in the grass farther up the street that appeared to have fallen out of the car. Judging by tire tracks in the road, the officer surmised that someone tried to drive away in the car, realized the headlights were not working, got out to look at them, and then attempted to reverse back into the driveway, sideswiping the fence and electrical box.

Key evidence

A woman reported her car had been scratched Sept. 7 and suspected it was done deliberately.

She said she parked next to a Cadillac at an Edwards grocery store. Her car door bumped the Cadillac when she got out. There was a man in the Cadillac but there wasn’t any damage so she went into the store without talking to the man. When she returned, there was a deep scratch in her car door and the Cadillac was parked in a different spot. She suspected the man “keyed” her car in retaliation.

A deputy contacted the man in the Cadillac. He said he didn’t even notice the woman’s car door bumping his. The officer checked the vehicle for paint transfer and also checked all the man’s keys for signs of paint but did not find any.

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