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Only in his imagination

Deputies responded to a disturbance at the Vail Oktoberfest event Sept. 7.

Security guards were escorting a 29-year-old man from the event when deputies arrived. The man was aggressive and cursing loudly while holding a mug of beer. The man repeatedly said the security guards threatened to Tase him.

Sheriff’s officers told the man to calm down and continued escorting him from the event. The 29-year-old said an older man got into an argument with him over seating at the concert and stepped on his girlfriend’s foot. He said the other man should be ejected but he complied with officers and left the premises.

About 10 minutes later, a deputy saw the 29-year-old walking back to the entrance gate to confront one of the security guards who dealt with him earlier. The man had clenched fists as he stomped up to the security guard and proceeded to yell in his face, at which point the deputy arrested him for disorderly conduct.

The security guard told the officer that he saw the 29-year-old get physically aggressive with the older man at the concert. When the guard intervened, the 29-year-old tried to punch him. The guard reached for his handcuffs and the man screamed that he was being Tased.

Strange theft

Scuba diving gear was stolen from an unlocked car on Crazy Horse Circle in Edwards between Sept. 6-8.

Drunk, no headlights

Deputies stopped a car in Eagle-Vail Sept. 13 for driving without headlights and speeding. The 64-year-old driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and agreed to voluntary roadside sobriety tests. He failed the roadsides and refused a chemical test. He was arrested for DUI and speeding.

Drunken doctor

On Sept. 14, a deputy saw a car parked on the Interstate 70 off-ramp in Eagle-Vail. The car’s dome light was on and the officer stopped to see if the driver needed assistance. As the deputy pulled in behind the car, he saw the driver’s door being closed.

When the officer contacted the 50-year-old driver, he smelled alcohol and saw vomit on the ground outside the door. The driver said he was going home from Oktoberfest and only had one beer. He later said he had two beers.

The man refused voluntary roadside sobriety tests and submitted to a breath test. He repeatedly asked the deputy to let him go. He said he wasn’t driving. The officer said they both knew he drove the car there and that it “didn’t drop from the sky and it wasn’t placed there by aliens.” The man said he was a doctor and a DUI would be a hardship.

The man was arrested for DUI and he complained that the temporary, seven-day driver’s license he was given was not adequate for his on-call duties.

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