Deteriorating Eagle path gets makeover this spring |

Deteriorating Eagle path gets makeover this spring

EAGLE — For everyone from elementary kids biking to school, to moms pushing strollers to senior citizens out for a walk, the Bull Pasture path in Eagle is the main connection between the community’s downtown core and the residential areas located to the south.

But for years, it’s been a literally bumpy road. That will soon change.

As part of its 2015 budget, the town of Eagle earmarked $200,000 for the rehabilitation of the Bull Pasture and Eagle Villas paths and that work is now under way.

“When the Bull Pasture subdivision was developed, that was the end of town,” said Eagle Town Manager Jon Stavney. He noted that the path system designed at the time includes both an interior loop and an exterior loop. Through time that exterior route has become the main connection between downtown and The Terrace and Eagle Ranch neighborhoods.

“It is really the main thoroughfare for pedestrians and school kids,” said Stavney. “But its been recognized as one of the weak links in our otherwise outstanding pedestrian path system.”

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Both the path’s comparatively narrow (around three feet) width and its deteriorating condition will be addressed in the reconstruction project. The path width will be expanded to 10 feet and damage resulting from tree heave and wear and tear will be corrected.

Crews started work on existing path demolition last week and weather permitting, they will start laying down new asphalt next week. In addition to the Bull Pasture path work, the town is also improving the path system near the Eagle Villas project due to extensive tree root damage.

Stavney said that while Eagle’s work on single track paths has gained a lot of attention from the mountain biking community, its work on hard surface pedestrian/bike paths continues to be a priority for residents.

“These are highly visible projects and they are needed improvements,” said Stavney.

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