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E-Vail Courier pilot program launches in Vail Village

Program seeks to improve loading and delivery operations

After months of planning, a pilot program to improve loading and delivery operations in Vail Village officially launched on Friday to coincide with the start of the 2021-2022 ski season. Facilitated by the Vail Police Department, local logistics company 106West and Vail Resorts, the E-Vail Courier program will work with select purveyors to provide door-to-door deliveries to businesses using small electric carts in place of large delivery trucks.

Authorized by the Town Council, the purpose of the pilot program is to improve the guest experience by reducing the number of oversize vehicles in the pedestrian areas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through use of electric vehicles for the final leg of deliveries.

The E-Vail Courier program will direct a select group of preapproved purveyors to an underground loading dock at Mountain Plaza near Gondola One where personnel from 106West will coordinate the unloading and staging of goods using eight underground bays and two electric carts. A tracking system will be accessible through an online portal, OpenDock.com, where participants will be able to log in to view the status of their delivery as it makes its way from in-transit to arrival.

The pilot program will handle a substantial number of deliveries taking place in the Village core and will include prearranged deliveries of food, perishables, beverages, supplies and other goods. The program will be operational from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and free to participating businesses. To take part in the pilot, arrangements must already be in place with 106West or a business must receive notification by an authorized vendor.

All other existing loading and delivery regulations will remain in place throughout the winter including courier deliveries. These regulations are outlined on the town’s website at VailGov.com/loadinganddelivery.

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While participation in the E-Vail Courier is limited, the pilot is being used to determine the scope and feasibility of a new delivery system for the village. This will include an analysis of volume and pricing for future consideration. Deliveries to Lionshead Village have been excluded from the pilot program due to the long-term success of a centralized underground loading dock at Arrabelle at Vail Square.

For questions about the E-Vail Courier pilot, contact Ryan Kenney with the Vail Police Department at 970-477-3433 or rkenney@vailgov.com; Code Enforcement officer Miguel Jauregui at 970-479-2200 or mjauregui@vailgov.com; or 106West Dock Manager Jason Barber at jason@106west.co or 970-754-3625.

An overview of the program is available on EngageVail.com. For after-hours assistance, call the Vail Police Department nonemergency number at 970-479-2200 and ask for a code enforcement officer.

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