Eagle-based author’s book at The Bookworm

Matt Solomon’s new book is ‘Fortunate Accidents’

The Bookworm of Edwards and Matt Solomon have announced the release of Solomon’s upcoming book, “Fortunate Accidents.”

“The Bookworm has been a staple in this community. I am excited to work with them for the early release of this book,” Solomon said.

In addition to the local effort to offer early access, the foreword of the book was written by long-time local, and retired Vail Daily reporter Randy Wyrick.

“I’m honored that Matt asked me to be part of all this,” Wyrick said. “The timeless lessons he learned about mindfulness and resilience are important for everyone. In this book, Matt helps us understand how to see and apply those lessons.”

Using the platform of Solomon’s life and experiences to teach lessons on awareness, mindfulness, resilience, and emotional maturity, the book shares a formula, or philosophical belief, for manifesting Fortunate Accidents in one’s life.

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In addition to lessons learned through athletic pursuits in college and as a professional whitewater kayaker and raft guide, Solomon draws from decades of experience working on the local ambulance service, working with Eagle County Coroner’s Office, instructing with Colorado Mountain College, collaborating with military contractors, and lessons learned while serving on Eagle’s Town Council. Through a lifetime of successes and failures, the book explores the mindset that leads to success.

Both residents and visitors of the Eagle River Valley will relate to the stories described in this book.

“Fortunate Accidents” can be summarized as meetings or events that contribute something positive to a person’s life.

All accidents can be fortunate. They contain the seeds of fortune. We water the seeds with resilience when an accident takes us on a downward spiral. We water the seeds with awareness when we are on an upward spiral. In either case, our attitude provides the water that makes our fortunes grow. By remaining mindful of ourselves and aware of the events of our life, we can continue to learn as the process repeats and as we grow.

The timeliness of the message is underscored in this excerpt from the book’s final chapter:

“Without distraction, it seemed that people had to face their demons and were having trouble navigating their way through the five stages of growth. The pandemic gave everyone an opportunity to become better individuals for themselves, their families, and their neighbors. Some took advantage of this opportunity. Others did not. We all made mistakes. The choice at hand was to blame others for the mistakes we may have made or to accept responsibility for our errors, moving forward in a peaceful, loving manner.”

Solomon is an entrepreneur, an accomplished waterman, paramedic, educator, businessman, and former member of his local town council. He has traveled across the country and around the world in pursuit of experiences, fun, and employment. Each of these experiences contributed to adventure and success, yielding a uniquely balanced and well-rounded perspective. As an educator and a leader, Matt inspires his students and associates to challenge themselves in an empowering environment that strives to achieve mutual success and maximum benefit. In his words: be safe, have fun.

The paperback edition ($19.95) of “Fortunate Accidents” is available at The Bookworm of Edwards. The paperback, hard cover ($24.95) and Kindle ($9.95) editions will be available on Amazon and elsewhere Nov. 22. For questions or comments, Solomon can be reached at

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