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Eagle Cops

Quite a few too many

Eagle Police officers on patrol around town at approximately 7 p.m. were called to a Fifth Street address on a report of an intoxicated man.

When they arrived on the scene, they found a man laying on the front step of the U.S. Forest Service building, which was closed. When the officers approached, the man sat up. The officers noted an empty bottle of Fireball whiskey was on the step next to him. They could detect a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the man.

After he was warned about having an open alcohol container, the man agreed to perform a breath test. His result was .133, nearly twice the legal limit for DUI. The officers were able to contact the man’s brother, who lives in Eagle, but he refused to come to care for him.

According to the Eagle Police report, the man is known to several law enforcement agencies in the valley, due to his alcohol consumption issues. The man agreed to board the next bus that would take him to his home in Edwards.

When officers checked back 90 minutes later, the man was still sitting at the bus stop. The last bus had left the area and officers found two additional open alcohol containers nearby. They reported the man was acting more intoxicated than during the first contact.

The man was transported to the Vail detox center and ticketed for open container.

Strange customer

Eagle Police were dispatched to the Eagle County Building at 9 a.m. when a county security worker reported a strange-acting man at the facility.

The man said was at the county to renew his vehicle registration, but while there he approached the security worker to ask “What is your thinking about God?” The security worker told the man he was not interested in discussing religion. The man approached a county worker and asked about the definition of time. Eventually he left the building.

Once he had identified the suspect, the Eagle officer contacted a mental health professional to watch a video of the man from a previous encounter. During the video, the man said his sexual energy had been stolen and that his father was being controlled by cable TV. The mental health professional agreed to refer the issue to his place of employment.

The Eagle County Attorney’s Officer drafted a letter of trespass stating any future contact between the man and county workers or officials must be for the purpose of conducting legitimate county business and that he must provide prior notice of his intent to enter any county facility one day prior to a visit.

Stealing and shaking

A theft in progress call brought Eagle Police to City Market around 7 p.m.

When police arrived, the store’s loss prevention officer said it appeared the suspect was preparing to run. He discretely brought police to the store’s security office.

The store officer said he witnessed the suspect take two bottles of vitamins and place them inside his front right pocket. He then walked around the store, placing other items in his front left pocket. He proceeded through the checkout without paying for the items, and then made his way over to the pharmacy counter to collect a prescription.

After the man left the pharmacy area and exited through the front door, the security officer and the police officer called him back inside and told him he was observed stealing several items. The man said he was broke and didn’t have the money to pay for the items he tried to take. He said he had made a bad decision and pocketed the items he couldn’t afford.

The officer left the office briefly to collect some paperwork. When he returned, he found the man was shaking and slumped over in his chair. The security officer said the man was having a panic attack. He asked for some water so he could take medication for his condition. He then produced all the stolen items, which included stick cinnamon, pesto sauce, seasoned salt, sweetener, vitamin D and skin tape. The value of the various items added up to $40.44.

He was ticketed for theft and released.

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