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Eagle Cops

Underage Driver

An Eagle officer on patrol around 5:30 p.m. watched as a vehicle turning left at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Street nearly collided with another car as it traveled westbound on Fifth.

The officer reported that when the first vehicle pulled out in front of the other car, which had the right-of-way, the driver of the westbound car had to abruptly apply his brakes to avoid a collision.

The first vehicle rounded the block and pulled into the Eagle County Building lot, where the officer commenced with a traffic stop.

The officer reported that the driver was extremely nervous and was talking in a very soft voice. When he asked for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, the driver admitted that she did not have the documentation because she was only 14 years old. The teen told the officer that she and a friend were driving around to have some fun.

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The girl said the car belonged to her brother and that she had taken it without his permission. The other girl in the car said she was visiting her friend and they needed to go out to get some change, so they decided to take the car for the errand. Then they decided to visit downtown Eagle as well. The passenger told the officer it was the other girl’s idea to drive her brother’s car.

The officer called the driver’s mother, who seemed to be confused as to why her 14-year-old would be driving. She noted that the girl did not have permission to do so. The mother said she was out of town, but would send her older daughter to pick up her younger daughter as well as the car. The officer explained the girl would be ticketed for careless driving and driving without a license. The mother said she would be available to accompany her daughter to court.

When the older sister arrived, she told police she was “disappointed in her sister for being so careless.” She also agreed to give the other girl a ride home. Later in that evening, the officer contacted the passenger’s parents to tell them about the situation and the parents thanked the officer for letting them know about the incident.

Drunk and sleepy

An officer was dispatched to check out a report of a man who was passed out inside of his vehicle, outside a local restaurant.

When the officer arrived around 7 p.m. he found a man passed out in the driver’s seat of his car, with the key in the ignition and the vehicle running. The officer also noted there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car and a small dog in the back seat.

The officer was able to wake up the man, but he was slow to respond and he seemed confused. He had to hold on to the vehicle to maintain his balance and he appeared to have urinated on himself. He could not correctly identify the day of the week or the date. He seemed to have difficulty understanding the officer’s questions and could not maintain a train of thought. He stated he did not know how long he had been in Eagle or how he had gotten to town. The man was, however, concerned about the whereabouts of his dog.

Eventually the officer convicted the man to complete a breath test, by noting it would not be used in a DUI investigation. The result was .287, more than three times the legal limit. Because of medical concerns, the officer called Eagle County Paramedic Services to the scene.

After a medical clearance, the officer arrested the man and animal control officers took custody of his dog. The person who initially contacted police told the officer that the man is a “known drunk” who is not allowed in the nearby restaurant.

The officer took the man to Vail Valley Medical Center for a blood test and then to the Eagle County Jail. Once at the jail the officer learned the man’s criminal history included five prior DUI charges in Florida and Colorado dating back to 1988.

Miscellaneous Mischief

Eagle officers responded to the Eagle County Jail when corrections deputies requested assistance with an inmate who was acting violent due to alcohol abuse withdrawal. The man was suffering hallucinations and was holding up a mattress against his cell door, shouting that deputies were attempting to shoot him. Greater Eagle Fire and Eagle County Paramedics Services were also called to the scene. Eventually law enforcement officers were able to calm down the man and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

While on patrol around 8:30 p.m., officers spotted a man who appeared to be hitch-hiking and panhandling along Eby Creek Road. They spoke to the man, who said he was just passing through town on his way to Vail or Summit County to catch the bus to Denver. A check through dispatch revealed the man had a statewide extradition warrant out of Summit County for failure to appear. He was taken into custody without incident.

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