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Eagle Cops


Eagle Police were called to the City Market after the store’s loss prevention officer spotted a customer grabbing two bottles of makeup foundation off a shelf and then stuffing them into her shorts pockets.

The officer contacted the woman when she attempted to leave the store with the stolen items still concealed.

When she spoke with police, the woman said it was the first time she had attempted to take items without paying for them, and she thought she could get away with the theft. When asked why she was stealing the makeup, the woman stated she was unemployed and having money issues. She said she did not attempt to steal anything else.

The total for two items was $8.48 each and the woman was ticketed for shoplifting.

Driver’s license lifted

Eagle Police were called to a local bar when a bouncer confiscated a driver’s license from a would-be patron, noting that the young man looked nothing like the male shown in the license photo.

The young man admitted the license belonged to someone else and left the bar.

The officer attempted to contact the license’s owner, a man who listed his residence in Loma, Colo. A couple of days later, the owner met with the Eagle’s acting police chief to claim his license. He said he had been with friends at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo when the son of one of his companions broke into his vehicle and took his wallet.

The man said he privately resolved the issue and did not want to pursue charges. He denied knowing that anyone had tried to fraudulently use his license.

The license was returned to the owner and no charges were filed.

Not the IRS

An Eagle business owner contacted police to report he had received two telephone calls from an unidentified party stating that he owed money to the IRS.

The man said the caller requested his social security number and when he provided the information, the caller hung up. He later called back and spoke to another person, who also asserted that he owed money.

The officer offered information about how to recognize scams and how to report fraudulent activity. The man said he would monitor his credit card companies and bank and notify them of any unauthorized use.

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