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Eagle Cops

Baggie in the bushes

Eagle Police were called to an Eagle residence when the owners found a bag of marijuana on their property.

When the officer arrived, the homeowner said her husband found the clear zip-lock bag in the yard by their driveway when he was cutting the grass. The homeowners suspected the substance inside was marijuana so they called the police.

The residents said there was no one in the area when the bag was found. They turned over the drugs and Eagle Police destroyed the marijuana.


When she discovered graffiti inside the men’s restroom, the manager of a local convenience store/gas station reported the incident to Eagle Police.

The manager said the vandalism happened between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Aug. 29. Someone had used a red marker to draw a dog’s head and write an obscene message on the inside of one of the bathroom stalls.

The defacement was restricted to the men’s restroom.

Roundabout ticket

The driver of a tractor trailer was cited for careless driving through the U.S. Highway 6 roundabout on Eby Creek Road.

The police report noted the driver turned too sharp as he was heading westbound from the roundabout, striking and damaging the guardrail.

Gas theft

A local gas station called Eagle Police to report a red pickup had left without paying for $30 worth of diesel gas.

The incident happened around 8 a.m. and after the driver left without paying, Eagle Police unsuccessfully attempted to track down the vehicle. The station clerk was able to provide a driver’s license number.

Truck damage

Eagle Police responded to a report of damage to a parked truck at a local residence.

The vehicle owners said they had checked the truck the previous day and did not see any damage. They noted they had been awake until around midnight and did not hear anything, but found a dent to the rear driver’s side of the cab when they went out to the truck the next morning.

Police contacted several neighbors, but no one saw or hear anything out of the ordinary.

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