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Eagle Cops

Clearly intoxicated

An Eagle Police officer was on patrol during the early morning hours when he noticed the silhouette of a man walking in the middle of the west bound lane near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Castle Drive.

The officer noted the man appeared to be stumbling as if he were heavily intoxicated. While he was watching, the officer saw a vehicle swerve to avoid hitting the man.

When he contacted him, the officer reported the man was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech and “an overwhelming odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage was emanating from his person.” For these reasons, the officer noted the man was clearly intoxicated.

When asked why he was walking in the middle of the road, the man said he was on his way home to Gypsum and he was walking because he did not want to drive. He also noted he could not afford a hotel room because he had spent more than $100 at the bar.

The officer told the man he could give him a ride home, but because of his intoxicated state someone would have to agree to take custody of him. The man called his soon-to-be ex wife, who agreed to collect him. The officer arranged to meet her halfway.

While the officer was speaking to the woman on the phone, the man laid down on the pavement in a prone position, passed out and began to snore. When the officer told him to wake up, he appeared confused and stated he didn’t know where he was. The officer explained the plan to meet up with his wife at Costco. That meeting happened without further incident and the man was released to his wife.

No charges were filed.

Miscellaneous Mischief

An Eagle woman contacted police after a suggestive note was attached to her front door. The woman noted her husband was working out of state so she decided to make a report in case something else happens. The woman told the officer she thought the note was meant for someone else.

Eagle Police were called to investigate graffiti on the side of a dumpster located at a local convenience store. None of the members of the department recognized the markings or understood their significance.

While on patrol near Sixth and Wall streets, an Eagle officer noticed a peace sign spray painted on an electrical utility box. The damage estimate is $50 and there are no suspects.

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