Eagle Cops

HIt and Run

On Oct. 29, Eagle Police responded to a hit and run report at the parking lot behind 1143 Capitol Street.

The victim stated her truck was parked in the lot and was unattended when it was apparently damaged by another vehicle The driver of the suspect vehicle then parked next to the damaged truck.

The truck owner said a witness had seen the driver of the other vehicle get out of her car and not leave a note regarding the damage. The witness also said she had take a picture of the driver.

The officer waited at the suspect vehicle to see if anyone returned to the scene. A short time later, the suspect driver did appear. The officer told the woman he need to speak with her concerning the damage to the front of her vehicle. He escorted her around to the front of the car, and according to the police report, the woman acted surprised when she saw the damage. The officer noted with the amount of damage done, it would be difficult not to know she had hit another vehicle. The woman stated she does that to her garage all of the time.

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After speaking with the suspect, another woman approached the officer. She said she was walking through the parking lot when she heard the noise of a car hitting another car. The woman said she turned toward the source of the noise and witnessed the suspect, inside her vehicle, back out with her front bumper hanging off her car. The witness said she thought the suspect was going to leave the area. Instead, the witness said the woman pulled back into the adjacent parking space, sat in the vehicle for a few minutes, exited her car and left the area without leaving a note on the other vehicle.

The witness said the suspect seemed dazed and disheveled. After she left the area the witness took a photo of the vehicles and the damage.

The officer issued the suspect a ticket for hit and run.

Lost and found

A local man called Eagle Police to report that someone had apparently rummaged through his unlocked vehicle while it was parked in his driveway Nov. 3.

The man said there was mail on the floor of the truck and a Swiss brand backpack containing several items was missing. He estimated the value of the backpack and the items inside at $100.

The officer asked the man to stop by the police station to file a report when he returned home from work. The man could not offer any suspects for the incident.

Later that morning, the bag was found near the Eagle Fire Station on Third Street. The owner was able to confirm both the bag and the items inside were his and that nothing was taken. The police advised the owner that locking up personal items deters thieves.

Dust up with disgruntled employee

An employee from a local business contacted Eagle Police when a former employee came back to the store and started yelling profanities.

The employee said the former worker had been told not to return to the business, but she came in to demand a copy of her final paycheck stub. The employee said the other woman accused her of stealing her pay check and begin yelling at her from outside the business. The employee said there were several customers around at the time when the former employee started yelling profanities.

An Eagle Police officer contacted the former employee and gave her a verbal order that she is barred from the property.

Miscellaneous Mischief

On Nov. 11 an officer on foot patrol discovered vandals had taken a vent cover off the wall and stuffed a large amount of toilet paper in a urinal at the Brush Creek Park men’s restroom. There are no suspects in the case.

On Oct. 31 a vehicle entering a self storage lot failed negotiate an alley turn and caused minor damage to both his vehicle and the roof of the structure.

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