Eagle Cops

Slow down

An Eagle officer was performing traffic enforcement in the school zone on Third Street Nov. 17 when he observed a pickup traveling westbound at 35 mph in the 20 mph school zone.

When the officer pulled over the driver, he learned the man had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in Clear Creek County. The driver admitted to missing his court date.

The man was arrested without incident and cited for speeding.

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Adverse conditions

The first measurable snowfall of the year resulted in at least two vehicle accidents Nov. 14. The first happened along 4th of July Road. An Eagle Police officer noted that the single car accident happened when the driver lost control due to adverse weather conditions and slid off the right side of the road and into a ditch. There was minor damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

The second accident happened along Nogul Road and involved two vehicles. The first car was parked at a slight grade and was not in gear. Additionally, the emergency brake was not engaged. The second vehicle backed into a neighboring parking space and the first car rolled forward and collided with the other vehicle causing minor damage.

not so Abandoned

A Eagle officer was on routine patrol along Nogul Road Nov. 2 when he noted a white van with expired license plate stickers. He tagged the vehicle, noting it was on a public roadway.

On Nov. 19, the officer was again patrolling in the area when he noticed the van was in the same location with the tag still attached. He requested a tow truck respond to the location.

While waiting for the tow company to arrived, the officer photographed the vehicle and visually inspected its interior. The tow company arrived and removed the vehicle.

Later that evening, a man came to the police department to ask why his van has been towed. The officer explained that the vehicle had been tagged and abandoned for 17 days and that the owner had failed to notify police or make arrangements to move the vehicle.

The man was given information regarding the tow company and advised to register and insure his vehicle.

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