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Eagle Cops

Underage marijuana possession

On Dec. 3, Eagle Police were called to Town Park to respond to a complaint of an agitated teenage girl who was allegedly under the influence of marijuana.

When officers arrived at the scene, they were hailed by a young man who reported that when he went to pick up his sister at the park, he found her inside the men’s restroom with the door locked. When she eventually opened the door, he found marijuana and a scale on the restroom floor. The siblings then got into a verbal fight about the marijuana, but eventually the young woman got inside a vehicle where her mother and another young woman were waiting.

The man said that as he started to drive away, his sister starting hitting people inside the car so he pulled over and called the police.

When the officers contacted the teenage girl, she initially verbally resisted instructions. After being told she would be placed in handcuffs if she did not comply with officers’ instruction, she ceased yelling but refused to answer any questions.

Citing the girl’s agitated state, the officer decided to place her in handcuffs and performed a pat down to see if she had any weapons or illegal substances in her possession. The girl said the only thing she had in her possession was her cell phone and she became very vocal, calling for her mother, when the officer informed her he was going to take the phone from where it was sticking out of her shirt. The officer then escorted the girl to a patrol vehicle and placed her inside.

None of the people in the car wanted to press charges for assault so the girl was charged with underage possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released to her mother and the drugs and scale were placed into evidence.

Bus bumped

Eagle Police responded to a vehicle/school bus traffic accident at the U.S. Highway 6/Eby Creek Road roundabout Dec. 3.

The vehicle driver said she was approaching the roundabout traveling south of Eby Creek Road when she noticed a stopped school bus at the roundabout entrance. She said that as she was passing the bus on the left, it started to move into her lane. She was unable to fully pass the bus before it collided with her right rear bumper, which was almost completely torn off her car. She pulled into the center of the roundabout on the sidewalk apron and stopped.

The school bus driver told police she was approaching the roundabout traveling south in the right lane, planning to make a right turn on Grand Avenue. The driver said as she approached, she noticed her lane was blocked by a truck and a flagger. She stopped the bus and waited a short time for the flagger before deciding she would not be able to make a right turn. She said she decided to merge into the left lane and as she looked in her mirror to merge she noticed a car in the left lane. The bus driver told police the vehicle attempted to speed past her and it clipped the bus’s front left bumper as it passed.

After the officer completed his investigation in the field, a witness called the police department, confirming the car driver’s report.

The bus driver was cited for careless driving.

Gas Skip

A motorist drove off without playing for $47.71 worth of fuel from an Eagle gas station Dec. 1.

The gas station clerk said the driver of a white, sport utility vehicle selected the pay inside option when he pumped his gas, but he drove off westbound on Chambers Avenue without paying. The clerk said the suspect is a white male in his early 20s with short, light brown hair. She provided police with a license plate number that did not fit the vehicle description.

The Eagle officer canvassed the area searching for the vehicle, but was unable to locate it.

Array of accidents

On Nov. 27, a vehicle traveling southbound on Eby Creek Road collided with a deer, killing the animal and damaging the vehicle’s front bumper

On Nov. 25, a 24-foot box truck approaching the intersection of Fifth Street and Grand Ave collided with the stop sign when it made the right hand turn. The stop sign had to be replaced and the vehicle left the scene without reporting the incident.

A vehicle parked along Capitol Street improperly backed out of a parking space and collided with the top of a camper, causing minor damage.

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