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Eagle Cops

Cousins dispute

Eagle Police were called to Eagle Valley Elementary School at around 4:45 p.m. Dec. 8 on a vandalism report.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with a woman who showed him a scratch in the paint along the rear driver’s side of her car. The woman said she thought the vandalism was done by her cousin, noting the two woman had a history of fighting.

When the officer contacted the cousin, she denied damaging the car but offered an extensive history about the issues between herself and the other woman.

The officer advised both women to refrain from contacting one another.

Medication missing

Eagle Police responded to a local business Dec. 12 when one of the employees reported the theft of prescription medication.

The victim told police she had just filled her prescription for Kolonopin four days earlier. She said she takes four pills a day to treat her medical condition and that she brings her prescription bottle to work, keeping it in her purse. But when she arrived home after working on Dec. 11, she found that there were only four pills in the bottle.

The woman said she normally keeps her purse near her work station. She noted that while her prescription bottle is inside her open purse, it is not normally visible. The woman added that at times, she also takes her purse to the front desk area or to the kitchen area. She noted that her purse had been in all three areas on the day the theft occurred. She added that she was very busy the day when her pills disappeared.

Noting that the prescription was issued on Dec. 8, the Eagle officer surmised that the woman had taken 16 pills and that 30 pills were missing.

The officer spoke to the business owner, who noted that there are working surveillance cameras at the business but that she is unsure how to obtain the tapes. The victim was told to keep her belongings secured and to take measures to ensure the situation does not happen again. She was also advised that prescription fraud is very common.

No license

An Eagle Police officer was on routine patrol Dec. 6 when he spotted a minivan with a non-functioning front passenger headlight.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver pulled over in the 700 block of Grand Avenue. Noting that it was not a safe place to conduct a traffic stop, the officer directed the driver to move forward to a nearby parking area. When he spoke with the driver, she handed over a Mexican passport and said “No license.” The woman also handed over a current registration card that showed the vehicle belonged to someone else and an expired insurance card.

The officer issued the woman a ticket for driving without a license, failure to provide proof of insurance and driving a vehicle with a defective headlight. The woman was told to exit and secure the vehicle.

Gas skip

Eagle Police responded to a local service station Dec. 7 on a report of fuel theft.

The clerk said that an unidentified male came into the station and said “the pump told me to pay inside.” The clerk agreed to activate the pump and the next time she checked on the man, he was pulling away without paying his $42.32 tab.

She described his vehicle as a gray Jeep Wrangler. When she watched surveillance video from the incident, the clerk noted the man who was driving the Jeep was not the man who came inside the station.

Police searched the area for the Jeep, but were unable to locate the vehicle.

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