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Eagle Cops

Roundabout bumps

Maybe it’s due to winter weather or maybe it’s because of increased traffic, but Eagle Police reported an uptick in automobile fender benders at the Eby Creek Road roundabouts last week.

On Jan. 26, a driver entered the westbound Interstate 70 roundabout in the outer lane and hit and damaged the passenger side mirror of a vehicle already traveling through the roundabout. The driver of the first vehicle was cited for careless driving.

Also on Jan. 26, a driver was navigating the Chambers Avenue roundabout when she struck another car. The driver said she had frost on her window and could not see the other vehicle. She was cited for a traffic violation.

Finally on Jan. 27, a driver rear-ended another car in the westbound I-70 roundabout. The driver of the vehicle that was hit said she was driving through the roundabout and had to slow down because another car cut her off. When she slowed down, another driver hit her. The offending motorist was cited for following too closely.

Shoplifting charge

Eagle Police were called to City Market Jan. 30 on a reported shoplifting incident.

The store’s loss prevention officer stated a female customer was seen on surveillance video grabbing a small container of makeup valued at $7.59 in her left hand and then moving to a different aisle. The woman placed the makeup in her pants pocket and then made an additional selection before proceeding to the checkout to pay for her items. She then left the store without paying for the makeup.

When contacted, the woman maintained that she accidently placed the item in her pocket and that she did not mean to steal the item. She said she make a mistake.

Because the makeup was unopened, it was returned to the shelf for sale and the woman was issued a summons for shoplifting.

Fake insurance company

An Eagle man called police Jan. 29 to report telephone calls from a man who claimed to be an attorney representing First Assurance Company.

The man said the attorney threatened to sue him in Eagle County civil court, but when he contacted his insurance company, they had no record for any personal or business accounts where he owed money.

The man told police he shared some bank account information with the attorney and that $1,340 was taken out of his account in December. The officer asked if he had received a bill or receipt from the attorney, but the man said he had not received any paperwork.

The man provided police with the attorney’s phone number. When the officer called the number, he was sent to a voice mail loop where the caller is unable to leave a message.

After he researched the name First Assurance and the phone number, the officer learned the company is a fake operation out of Kenya. He advised the man to contact his bank and start the process of disputing the charges and canceling his checking account.

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