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Eagle Cops

Roommate ruckus

Eagle Police responded to a local residence Feb. 9 on a report of vandalism.

When the officer arrived, the reporting party stated that his girlfriend’s tires had been slashed and he was “99 percent sure” his former roommate was the culprit.

The man said he did not have any known enemies and he had no issues with any of his neighbors. He told police that he and a childhood friend had agreed to rent a house together last fall. The man said he found a house and proposed a rent split that had he and his girlfriend paying half of the amount while his friend paid the other half. While the friend paid rent from November to January, he did not live at the residence until the second week of January.

After his friend moved in, the two men disagreed about use of the master bedroom and other household functions. The man said his friend also wanted him to pay a larger share of the rent.

The man said his roommate decided to move out of the house Feb. 7. On the afternoon of Feb. 9, the man and his girlfriend took their dog for a walk. When they returned to the residence they discovered three of the four tires on the girlfriend’s vehicle had been slashed. Other cars that were also in the driveway were not vandalized.

The man said he believed his friend was behind the incident because he knew the girlfriend’s car was their only operational vehicle and that by disabling it, he would inconvenience the couple.

Police attempted to contact the friend and left a message advising him to call back. In response another man called, identifying himself as the man’s uncle and attorney. He denied that his client had anything to do with the crime and said he had just picked him up from the airport in California.

The officer asked about the time of the flight and noted that the incident could have occurred before the man left. The attorney/uncle again denied that his client was involved.

The case remains under investigation.

Fake officer

An Eagle woman called police Feb. 2 after someone claiming to be “Nathan Scott with the Eagle Police Department” called to advise her he had a warrant for her arrest from the Colorado Attorney General.

The woman said the man wanted her to supply various information, including information about her whereabouts. She said before she shared information, she wanted to verify his identity. The woman asked for a number to call, the man provided the Eagle Police non-emergency number and then hung up.

No information was exchanged.

The woman was advised there is no one by that name working for Eagle police and she was given advice about how to deal with the situation if the man calls again.

Trail vandals

Eagle Police received a call on Feb. 12 from an unknown citizen concerning vandalized signs at the Third Gulch trailhead.

When an officer went to inspect the signs, he found that someone had used a permanent marker to write obscenities and draw pictures on the sign. The officer took several pictures but was unable to find additional evidence in the area.

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