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Closing time

An Eagle Police officer was on routine patrol at 1:50 a.m. when he saw a couple of men cross the intersection at Third Street and Broadway shortly before receiving a call from dispatch about a trespass incident in progress.

When the officer responded to a local bar, the security person at the establishment said he had been involved in a verbal argument with two men. The man said he had informed two patrons that the bar was closing and alcohol would no longer be served. However, a short time later the security man saw one of the men had a beer in hand. At that time, he told the men to leave.

The security person said that one of the men argued about that direction and started taunting him from outside the establishment. When he provided a description of the men, the officer recognized the suspects as the men he had seen crossing Broadway earlier.

The officer attempted to find the men, but could not locate them. Approximately 20 minutes later, however, he saw the men walking northbound along Eby Creek Road. When contacted, the men initially denied being involved in a verbal altercation at the bar. However, they later admitted they were there.

When the officer asked the men for identification, one of the men stated “You might as well take me.” The officer asked if there was a warrant for his arrest and the man said no.

After he forwarded the men’s information to dispatch, he was advised one of the men had a warrant out of Eagle County for failure to comply on a DWAI charge. He was arrested and on the way to the jail, the officer reported the man became argumentative.

Once the officer arrived at the jail, the man refused to exit the patrol car. The officer requested assistance and two deputies from the jail responded. The officer told the man he could exit the car voluntarily or the law enforcement officer would assist him. The man agreed to voluntarily exit the car. He was booked without further incident.


An Eagle Police officer on patrol in the area of U.S. Highway 6 and Nogal Road spotted a vehicle driving by with a large amount of ice covering the driver’s side windshield.

The officer pulled over the driver to advise him that he needed to completely remove ice from the windshield prior to driving. He requested the man’s driver’s license and identification. When he ran the information through dispatch, the officer was advised the man had and outstanding warrant for failure to comply for driving under restraint. Dispatch also advised the officer the man’s license was revoked as a habitual traffic offender.

The man was arrested without incident and transported to the county jail.

Construction site theft

On Feb. 16, Eagle Police were advised a generator had been stolen from a construction site along Montegomerie Circle.

The man who reported the theft said the generator, valued at $1,699, had been taken sometime between Sunday evening, Feb. 15 and Monday morning, Feb. 16. When the construction crew arrived at the site Monday at 8 a.m., the generator was missing.

The officer noted that new snow was on the ground from an early morning storm, but no footprints were found leading to or from where the generator was located. The officer interviewed members of the construction crew, but no one had information regarding the theft.

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