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Eagle Cops

Snagged speeder

An Eagle Police officer was monitoring speeds along the school zone at Sylvan Lake Road and Eagle Ranch Road at around 3:30 p.m. May 21 when he clocked a vehicle traveling at 31 mph in the 20 mph zone.

The officer pulled over the driver, who produced an Alabama driver’s license. The man said he was rushing to get to an auto parts store because he was concerned about his SUV’s operation. The man acknowledged that he saw the flashing lights on the school zone sign.

When the officer contacted dispatch regarding the man’s identification, he was advised there was a misdemeanor warrant for failure to comply regarding a DWAI charge out of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office on the man’s record. Dispatch also advise the officer that the man was driving on a revoked license for DUI Per Se.

The officer spoke with the man, who said that he had a DUI charge that was dropped down to a DWAI about four years ago. The officer also noted that the man apparently had paperwork on his lap that included a Colorado temporary permit. The man said that the paperwork was old and he only obtained it so he could get on a flight.

After discussing the paperwork and warrant issues, the officer directed the man to step outside of his vehicle, where he was handcuffed and transported to the county jail without incident.

Didn’t need to visit

Eagle Police were called to the county jail on May 17 regarding a felony warrant issue.

When the officer arrived, he contacted a man in the visiting area. The man said he was video conferencing with his brother, who was in jail. The visitor had an active felony arrest warrant with statewide extradition.

The officer advised the man about the warrant and placed him under arrest. He was handcuffed, searched for weapons and escorted to a patrol car. The officer drove the man around the building to the jail entrance where he was taken into custody.

Fail to yield, go to jail

On May 20, an Eagle Police offer was working traffic enforcement in the area of the Sylvan Lake Road/U.S. Highway 6 when he saw a pickup driver fail to yield upon entering the roundabout.

The officer pulled over the driver to advise him of the reason for the stop. The man apologized for his mistake. When the officer returned to his patrol car to run the man’s information through dispatch, he learned he had two outstanding warrants — one from the Vail Police Department with a bond of $250 and one from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office with a bond of $10,000.

The man was advised of the warrant and placed under arrest. The man requested his vehicle be left parked so someone could pick it up and he was transported to the county jail and booked without incident.

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