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Watch your language

Eagle Police were called to a local business Oct. 18 on a report of a man harassing customers.

When the officers arrived, one spoke with a man outside the business and the other spoke with the business owner. The owner said he was inside his store working with customers when he heard a person outside loudly cursing. The business owner said he asked the man to quiet down because he had customers, including children, inside his store. The business owner said his request was met with a new round of profanity. He then called police.

The officer who spoke with the man outside noted he was yelling and using profanity during the conversation. The man admitted he had been drinking and that he had cursed during his conversation with the business owner. He maintained the owner started the conflict when he started yelling when he came outside of his store.

Customers inside the business and in nearby locations supported the business owner’s version of events.

The man was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Flying object

On Oct. 4, Eagle Police were called to a commercial area in town on an unusual car accident report.

The vehicle owner told police he was standing outside his car when he heard a loud explosion and then saw a chunk of pipe fly through the air. The object struck his vehicle, above the rear passenger door. The man said the flying object narrowly missed hitting his head.

The man said a landscaping crew was blowing out a nearly sprinkler system and he thought that was what caused the accident.

Employees from the landscaping company said when they connected the compressor to the adjacent sprinkler system, they heard the explosion and the pipe broke off and flew through the air.

The officer reported there was a noticeable dent in the man’s vehicle. He advised the owner to get a repair estimate. A preliminary damage estimate totalled $839.41.

The landscape company assumed liability in the incident and no criminal charges were filed.

Miscellaneous mischief

Officers responded to a report of a dog bite on Oct. 9. A man said he was jogging eastbound up Third Street when he ran past a man walking his dog and the animal bit him on the back of his right thigh. The jogger said he believed he had startled the dog and that he did not want to press charges. The dog owner said he attempted to move over as the jogger ran by and he bumped into his dog, who was recovering from surgery. The owner said the dog bite likely happened because of a combination of the animal being startled and being bumped. The officer noted the dog did not act aggressively during his encounter with the owner. The dog owner offered to pay the victim so he could buy a new pair of jogging shorts. No charges were filed.

Vandals used permanent markers and chalk to draw vulgar pictures and language on several structures at the Brush Creek Park. Police attempted to contact an individual named in some of the graffiti and advised Eagle Public Works so crews could clean off the messages.

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